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Steel Padlock with Keys
Dorm Room Security Must Haves Heavy Duty Steel Padlock with Keys for College


Steel Padlock with Keys

Top Features include:
  • Great size lock for your dorm trunk to deter theft
  • Hardened steel lock with a gold-colored coating
  • Includes 3 identical keys in case you misplace one
  • Keep your dorm stuff safe - measures approx. 2"W x 4.5L

Retail Price $2.99
Student Discount Price $8.99
Dorm Co. Tip: Don't kick yourself later - lock it now!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: KI-OF454

Dorm room and college campus safety and security aren't fun topics that everyone likes to talk about, but they are still important. We don't want you heading off to college unprepared, so we're willing to talk about the uncomfortable aspects of dorm life so you can be ready for anything. With so many college students living in a small area, it isn't unheard of for dorm supplies to go missing. No one wants their college essentials like their laptop, cellphone, college textbooks, and more to sprout legs and walk off, so including a dorm Steel Padlock with Keys as part of your college supplies checklist is a smart idea.

If dorm room thefts do occur, it is normally just because the opportunity was there, and the dorm thief decided to take advantage. If you have your dorm valuables locked up and out of sight, you greatly increase the chance of dorm thieves leaving your stuff alone. If they can't easily get to it, they are most likely not going to take the time to try and break or pick this durable steel college lock. Dorm room security essentials like this heavy duty dorm lock give you peace of mind and make college life more enjoyable.

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