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Dueling Cooker®
Dueling Cooker® Cheap Dorm Supplies Cooking Accessories


Dueling Cooker®

Top Features include:
  • Cook two packages of Ramen or Macaroni and cheese at the same time
  • Cook two packages of food for yourself or share with a friend
  • Heat and eat right out of the reusable bowl.
  • Dueling Cooker® - Conveniently cooks two packages of food for yourself or you and friend without having to wait
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Dorm Co. Tip: Have lunch with a friend with this dorm essential

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Product Code: DC-DUEL

It's inevitable you're going to be eating in your college dorm room. In fact, you're going to be eating in your college dorm room more than you think. There are going to be times your schedule doesn't match up with the cafeteria dining times. That means those packets of Ramen and Macaroni and Cheese will come in really handy. The problem? You could be really hungry from sitting in college classrooms all day and need more than that one packet or box. The solution? Our Dueling Cooker®.

Our Dueling Cooker
® is a special dorm essentials item that will add a lot of convenience to your dorm cooking. This divided cooker allows you to cook two packets or boxes of Macaroni and Cheese, Ramen, and more. Visited your family for the weekend and they sent you home with leftovers? Microwaving each of those food items separately can be a real hassle and result in your food getting cold. This dorm necessities item allows you to microwave the leftovers at the same time without your peas getting mixed in with your mashed potatoes or your chicken getting covered with potatoes. This dorm essentials item is especially perfect for study sessions with a friend from class or when you and roommate want to eat at the same time. With this dorm essentials item you don't have to wait for one bowl of food to finish cooking before cooking the other bowl - cook them at the same time with our innovative Dueling Cooker®!
Check out how you can cook two food items at once with our Dueling Cooker!

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