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Drinn Cell Phone Holder
Keeps your cell phone off the dorm floor


Drinn Cell Phone Holder

Top Features include:
  • Keeps mobile phones protected (off floor)
  • No installation or tools for use
  • Must-have dorm room tech accessory
  • Cheap dorm necessity

Retail Price $6.99
Student Discount Price $6.35
You Save: $0.64
Dorm Co. Tip: Little things keep your tech stuff lasting longer

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: J-BIN-47-9111


Drinn is a must have product for any college student with a cell phone. Did we just name every college student? It is a rare find these days to locate a student without a phone. Even the cheapest cell phone plans are now affordable.

Our Drinn is a necessity in college because it keeps your cell phone off the floor. At home your bed most likely had a nightstand that you could set your cell phone on while it charges, but in college this is often not the case. With no nearby table to set your cell phone, it will most likely end up resting on the floor. This of course not only puts your phone at risk to damage, but it also is not the most sanitary place to keep something that comes in contact with your face.

The Drinn solves this problem by creating a cradled outlet location to keep your cell phone while it charges. It is a useful dorm item that truly solves a dorm room need. Now, whether you have the bottom bunk with no nightstand or the top bunk which simply can't have a nightstand, your cell phone can charge in a safe and germ free location.

Drinn is simple as it stays in place by your phone charger. No tools or special assembly is required. Just keep your charger plugged in and the Drinn will stay in place and be ready to hold your phone the next time you go to charge it.

Keep your tech stuff safe and protected!

**Drinn is also sometimes spelled Driinn as this is its European Name**

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