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The College Cube - Dorm Desk Bookshelf - Marble Gray
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The College Cube - Dorm Desk Bookshelf - Marble Gray

Top Features include:
  • Yak About It ® brand - Best Dorm Furniture
  • Ideal college desk bookshelf to hold everything!
  • Sturdy particle board construction - pieces screw and hammer together
  • Wider center space allows for open work space and storage up top
  • Made specifically to fit on top of college dorm-sized desks!
  • See image listed for dimensions in inches

Retail Price $109.99
Student Discount Price $96.36
You Save: $13.63
Dorm Co. Tip: Ask your school if your dorm desk will have an upper shelf
Dimensions: * See image listed with dimensions in inches

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

If you want the look of your entire dorm room to easily come together, you just need some gray college decor. Gray dorm room decor is easy to match, so the more gray college supplies you have in your dorm room, the better! But why not add to the style of your college decor and increase the usefulness of your dorm room desk all at once? With The College Cube - Dorm Desk Bookshelf - Marble Gray, you can easily do that! This gray college desk bookshelf will blend in with your extra long Twin bedding and the rest of your dorm decor to give your entire dorm a stylish and cohesive look. But besides adding to the style of your college decor, this dorm desk bookshelf will also help you organize your dorm room and give you more space to work on your college desk.

Designed to fit around your college laptop or dorm desk computer, this easy to assemble dorm bookshelf will provide you with the perfect space to do your homework. Durably constructed with four separate shelving compartments, this gray dorm desk bookshelf will also allow you to display your college decor and store your college desk supplies. Perfect for small dorm decor pieces, college textbooks, dorm desk items, and other dorm supplies, this essential college bookshelf will make it easy to reach your essential dorm items while helping your college dorm look nicely organized. In a small dorm room, useful college supplies that can also add to the style of your dorm decor are important, so this gray dorm bookshelf will fit into any college dorm. Make life in your dorm room easier with this must have college dorm desk bookshelf!

Overall Dimensions:

37"L x 9.5"D x 28.7"H
First and Second Cube starting from the Left:
13.4"L x 13.4"H
Bottom Cube on the Right:
10"L x 8.7"H
Top Cube on the Right:
10"L x 1.7" H

Check out our video for how our College Cube Bookshelf can add much needed upper shelves to your dorm desk

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