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Dorm Over The Door Hooks - Gray
Dorm Over The Door Hooks - Gray Dorm Room Storage Dorm Organizer

Dorm Over The Door Hooks - Gray

Top Features include:
  • Includes two over the door hooks in a light gray color
  • Fits securely over dorm doors or dorm closet doors
  • Velvet coated resin
  • Perfect to conveniently hang coats, hats or dorm backpacks to grab on your way out the door to class!
Retail Price $3.99
Student Discount Price $2.29
You Save: $1.70
Dorm Co. Tip: Take advantage of convenient over the door storage space to store bulky coats!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: 6478-5265-PGRAY

Picture this- you were studying before class and had to hurry out the door so you wouldn't be late. You sit down in class and it hits you- you forgot your college backpack and now you have to run back to your dorm room to grab it. This can be exhausting and embarrassing, both things you don't want to feel. However, you can avoid this happening with our Dorm Over The Door Hooks in Gray! Our Dorm Over The Door Hooks in Gray are a simple, cheap dorm organizer that can save you a lot of hassle.

This dorm essential fits perfectly over your dorm room door or closet door and come in a pack of two so you can keep your college backpack on one hook and your sweatshirt or coat over the other. It's pretty awful sitting in a cold college classroom without a sweatshirt because you forgot it. Your hands can stiffen up from being cold and then you can't write or type out your notes. With our
Dorm Over The Door Hooks in Gray on your dorm room door, every time you go to walk to class you will be looking at your college backpack and sweatshirt. You can't forget those things when you look at them and bump into them as you leave your dorm room! You'll never forget those dorm essentials again when you have them conveniently stored and visible!

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