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Dorm Milk Crate - 16 Quart - Available in Multiple Colors
Dorm Milk Crate - 16 Quart - Available in 8 Colors Dorm Room Organization Dorm Organizers


Dorm Milk Crate - 16 Quart - Available in Multiple Colors

Top Features include:
  • Simple storage for extra dorm stuff
  • Easy-to-reach handles
  • Add extra dorm room organization to your closet, desk or dorm bookshelves!
  • Classic 16 quart milk crate style with bright colors adds to your dorm room decor while keeping you organized
Retail Price $15.99
Student Discount Price $11.99
You Save: $4.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Super handy on move-in and move-out day!
Dimensions: 13"L x 13"W x 11"H

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: MC-16-MC0101


The shelves in your college closet aren't very useful when you have a large pile of dorm items that stacks higher than you can reach. You can't reach the dorm essentials on the top and if you reach for the dorm items on the middle or bottom you can forget about seeing those college supplies until you move out. This frustration may make you completely ignore your college closet shelves and only use the dorm closet floor. Your college shelves are really useful, you just have to be creative with them by adding extra dorm room storage so that they are usable and not a cause of stress and frustration. Your dorm room is supposed to be relaxing and help cut down on stress, not be a cause of it! Adding simple dorm room storage solutions like our 16 Quart Dorm Milk Crate will make a world of difference for your dorm room organization!

16 Quart Dorm Milk Crate comes in your choice of eight different colors so you can add multiple units in the same color or multiple colors to match or contrast your dorm room decor or even use color coding for ultimate dorm room organization. These Dorm Milk Crates are lightweight and have two easy to reach handles so when you have them up on your dorm closet shelf, you won't have to worry about a large stack of dorm essentials that falls over. By adding simple dorm room storage solutions like our Dorm Milk Crates, you will find you have so much more room to work with. You will also find it's so much easier to reach for a whole Dorm Milk Crate with your dorm essentials inside rather than try to reach the top of bottom of a stack of clothes or food dorm items and tip them over. Plus, these dorm milk crates are easily stackable so you can add plenty of these handy dorm organizers to the floor of your dorm closet or even under your dorm desk for convenient storage!

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