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Dorm Microwave Splatter Cover
Useful Dorm Accessory - Dorm Microwave Splatter Cover - Great For Keeping Microwave Clean


Dorm Microwave Splatter Cover

Top Features include:
  • Ideal for keeping your dorm microwave clean
  • Saves time cleaning up food splatter and prevents food buildup in your college microwave
  • Simply set the cover over your dish while heating food
  • A dorm essential for heating soups, pastas and other items that splatter!

Retail Price $5.95
Student Discount Price $4.54
You Save: $1.41
Dorm Co. Tip: Avoid paying damage fees at the end of the year from spilled drinks with this handy college supply!
Dimensions: Measures approximately 10" x 12"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: K-HB-072

While you can do more cooking in a dorm room than you might at first think, a lot of your cooking will also use the microwave. So even if you're not exactly cooking as much as you're heating up leftovers, this Dorm Microwave Splatter Cover will be a handy dorm item. This supply for college is a useful college item for "cooking," as it will help keep your microwave clean. Since you'll be sharing your microwave with a roommate, cleanliness will matter! Hopefully you're clean with all your dorm stuff, but no one's going to want to use a messy microwave with sauce stains all over it.

This handy college supply will keep the situation clean and under control. Your dorm cooking supplies will already have to include a microwave, plates, and other essentials for college, but useful college stuff like this splatter guard will help reduce cleanup. Sometimes, occasionally, your school might provide a microwave. This is useful, as it will take one item off your dorm shopping list, but keeping it clean is very important then. Your school won't be too happy if it has to take back a very dirty microwave at the end of the year. You might even get fined! Avoid all that by buying the right college cooking supplies, including this splatter guard.

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