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Dorm Desktop Nook Crates
Dorm Desktop Nook Crates Dorm Essentials Dorm Room Storage Solution


Dorm Desktop Nook Crates

Top Features include:
  • Small nook crates have snap and lock tabs to lock multiple units together
  • Multiple units can stack horizontally or vertically to maximize dorm room storage
  • Fun, cheap dorm organizers to hold your college supplies and keep them organized
  • Ideal for dorm closet shelves or desktop
Retail Price $5.99
Student Discount Price $3.87
You Save: $2.12
Dorm Co. Tip: Keep your college storage simple and useful
Dimensions: 6-1/4" x 7-1/2" x 9"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: DDNC-4598


The best dorm organizers are compact enough to not take up a lot of valuable space yet give you plenty of dorm room storage. Our Dorm Desktop Nook Crates are one of those dorm organizers. These fun, small dorm organizers are perfect for your dorm desktop, dorm dresser or even your dorm closet shelves to allow you extra dorm room storage. These Desktop Nook Crates have snap and lock tabs on every side so that you can lock multiple units together either horizontally or vertically. The versatility of these fun dorm organizers allow you to maximize the space you have available. If your dorm desktop has a small area of space available but you know you need more dorm room storage than it allows, stack these fun dorm organizers vertically to take advantage of the space you have available!

Available in six different colors, you can choose what best matches your dorm room decor and mix and match the units to create your own look! These small dorm organizers are perfect for holding books, movies and your desk college supplies. Or you can stack the dorm organizers on your dorm dresser to hold cosmetics and other dorm essentials. These fun dorm organizers are especially great if you wish your dorm closet had more space to organize extra T-Shirts, bottles and even cooking utensils! Don't let dorm items pile on top of each other, fall over and become disorganized. With simple, cheap dorm organization you can save yourself stress and frustration down the road!

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