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Cotton Standard Bath Towel - Assorted Color
High Quality Cotton Towel Set Soft Multicolor Bath Towel Set for Dorm Room Checklist Cute Textured Towels

Cotton Standard Bath Towel - Assorted Color

Top Features include:
  • High Quality Cotton Bath Towel
  • Covers a dorm bath basic
  • Includes 1 Cotton College Bath Towel
  • Colors ship assorted

Our Price: $8.99
Dorm Co. Tip: Bring multiple towels to ensure you always have a clean one available!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

Bath Towel Color

Don't go to college without a few college bath towels to help keep you clean and dry! It may seem obvious now, but when you are scrambling to get all of your dorm essentials in order before you head off to college, it can be easy to forget the little college supplies that you will definitely need. Add a few of these inexpensive dorm bath towels to your college supplies checklist so you can truly have everything you need when dorm move-in day rolls around. Choose between Assorted Color, Assorted Color Boy, or Assorted Color Girl and let us pick out the color (or colors) of this dorm room necessity!

No matter what color you get, these dorm bath towels are made to provide you with a soft touch when you use them to dry off. Crafted with high quality cotton, these super soft college towels won't make you feel like you are drying off with sandpaper after you get out of the communal dorm shower or your college apartment shower. And, since these soft and stylish college dorm bath towels are cheap, you can add a few to your dorm room accessories checklist without breaking the bank!

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