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Deco Dorm Desk
Dorm furniture for Added Space - Deco Dorm Desk

Deco Dorm Desk

Top Features include:
  • Extra desk space means more room for textbooks, school supplies, and more
  • Falconboard construction features 100% recycled, lightweight, paper-based honeycomb design material
  • Sturdy yet inexpensive
  • Easy assembly - no tools required - cost-effective furniture for temporary or longer use
Retail Price $73.00
Student Discount Price $28.04
You Save: $44.96
Dorm Co. Tip: Desk space will never go unused in a dorm room
Dimensions: 41" wide x 27" deep x 29" tall

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: DECO-DESK

Is one desk enough for your dorm room? Actually, that's a silly question; there will already be at least two in your room. So if you have the space, add a third compact college desk to bring even more surface space to your dorm room. The last thing you need, though, is another big, bulky dorm room desk. Instead, choose a lightweight desk that's made from a recycled paper foundation. Choose this Deco Dorm Desk. This cool college supply is great for adding an extra spot for more folders, textbooks, and other study and dorm supplies.

Dorm room desks are easy to overcrowd. With all those classes you have, you'll accumulate plenty of syllabi and textbooks. Since staying organized and keeping that dorm room as neat as you can is important, at times you'll just need more dorm storage space to make that a reality. This desk provides just the solution. And since it's quite cheap for a full-size desk, it's the perfect college supply to use as temporary desk, or even as a more permanent desk since it's so lightweight and easy to transport. Cool, versatile dorm room supplies like this desk are on every college shopping checklist after all.

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