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Ultra Stacked Dorm Desk Bundle - Dark Gray
Ultra Stacked Dorm Desk Bundle - Dark Gray Dorm Organizers Dorm Essentials

Ultra Stacked Dorm Desk Bundle - Dark Gray

Top Features include:
  • Make your dorm desk accessories fun and add to your dorm room decor!
  • Keep your dorm desk ultra organized and looking great
  • Stack these dorm essentials or spread them around your dorm desk
  • Includes (1) Pen Cup, (1) Ballpoint Pen Pack, (1) Soft This & That Tray, (1) Medium Accessory Tray, (2) Letter Trays
Retail Price $69.99
Student Discount Price $59.99
You Save: $10.00
Dorm Co. Tip: You're in college to study - make sure you have the desk supplies to make studying more efficient

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

Package Includes: Soft This & That Tray

Package Includes: Soft This & That*:

Package Includes: Letter Trays

You can't ignore your college dorm desk when it comes to your dorm organization or your dorm room decor. You want to make sure your college desk looks as great as the rest of your college dorm room. That means keeping your study supplies organized and keeping them in dorm organizers that add to your dorm room decor. You don't want these basic dorm essentials to be boring, after all! With our Ultra Stacked Dorm Desk Bundle in Dark Gray, you can have plenty of dorm organization for your college supplies and add to your dorm room decor with a dark gray color.

Our Ultra Stacked Dorm Desk Bundle in Dark Gray comes with the dorm organizers you need to keep your dorm desk running efficiently. You don't want to have to search for the homework you need to turn in or a pen when you're on your way out the door. This dorm organization set will help you avoid running late to class by keeping your study supplies and homework neat and organized. What's even better is that these dorm storage solutions can be stacked up and take up minimal dorm desk space so you can have more room to spread out your college textbooks and laptop!

Package Includes:
-Ballpoint Pens: Included is a pack of 12 ballpoint pens. You don't want to be the person that asks the professor for an extra pen. In a set of 12, you can keep a few in your college backpack and a few in your dorm desk.
-Pen Cup: This divided pen cup will allow you to separate your pens and pencils or pens and highlighters so you can keep everything nice and organized and running smoothly. Plus, you can avoid reaching for one when you really want the other.
-Soft This & That Tray: This dorm organizer has a divider in the center so you can keep your paperclips and push pins separated and avoid pricking your finger while searching for a paperclip. You can also keep your sticky note flags organized on one side while the other is for your binder clips.
-Medium Accessory Tray: Keep your pen cup and This & That Tray inside of this tray and even have extra space for your larger sticky note pads, photos, postcards, or large highlighters that don't have a home elsewhere.
-2 Letter Trays: With two letter trays, you can keep your homework that needs to be done in one tray and your homework that needs to be turned in in the other tray. Each tray holds up to 300 sheets of paper, but you shouldn't have that much least...we think you shouldn't.

Pen Cup: 3.25"L x 3.25"W x 3.25"H
Soft This & That Tray: 6.25"L x 3"W x 1.5"H

Accessory Tray - Medium: 9.75"L x 6.75"W x 1.75"H
Letter Tray: 12.5"L x 9.75"W x 1.75"H (Each Tray)

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