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Command Power Station - 12 Outlets
Command Power Station - 12 Outlets


Command Power Station - 12 Outlets

Top Features include:
  • Surge protector with 12 outlets
  • Protects against surges, power spikes, lightening and common electrical imbalances
  • Outlet heads rotate for setup flexibility
  • Plugin protection for telephone, DSL, cable lines
Retail Price $69.00
Student Discount Price $34.75
You Save: $34.25
Dorm Co. Tip: Additional dorm outlets will never go unused

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: PET-BKNBP11223008

We are in a day and age where we are surrounded by the next best smartphone, the flattest television screen, and the fastest internet. Granted, a lot of credit is given to the developers of these technological advancements, however everybody looks past the electrical supply that powers our these things! It all starts with a plug in the wall, which might be scarce in your college dorm. Your dorm room can become a little hectic when it comes to students and their technology. Phones, computers, televisions, Xbox, mini-fridge, literally it seems like all major dorm supplies get plugged in. With the Command Power Station - 12 Outlets, you can keep all of your latest gadgets plugged in and running without a problem at all. Living in a single dorm room makes it a little easier to manage your plugs and wires, but say you live with 2 or 3 other roommates, outlets are limited and nobody should have to argue about who gets to charge their phone next.

The Command Power Station - 12 Outlets yes, has 12 Outlets! A big increase from the 2 usually hanging on your dorm room wall. Help yourself and your roommates out with this college dorm room essential. Not only is the dorm product useful, it's a powerhouse with protection! The Command Power Station - 12 Outlets protects against surges, power spikes, lightening, and common electrical imbalances. So ensure your dorm necessities and college electronics are kept safe. This being said, safety, as far as your electrical power station goes, will not be an issue in your dorm room. Technology is just going to get bigger and more advanced and your dorm room must be ready,
so make sure you are prepared with this dorm product on your college shopping checklist.

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