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Bike Ride Desk Mat
Must Have Dorm Items Bike Ride Desk Mat Dorm Essentials


Bike Ride Desk Mat

Top Features include:
  • Soft neoprene non-skid desk mat
  • Will not indent, scratch or stain
  • Designer styled for unique dorm room decor
  • Great for holding your mouse and other dorm essentials in place as you work

Retail Price $48.00
Student Discount Price $22.95
Sale Price: $12.99
You Save: $35.01
Dorm Co. Tip: Cover up the scratches on your dorm desk from previous college students while adding style to your dorm desk!
Dimensions: 13" x 22"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: KESS-IH-DM-BWP

You're going to be making everything in your college dorm room as comfortable as it can be. You'll have ultra comfy dorm bedding that is sink in soft to forget you're in a University Provided dorm bed. You'll also have a dorm rug on your dorm floor so you don't step on a cold floor in the morning. Other than your dorm bed, you're going to be spending much of the time in your dorm room at your dorm desk. Why not make your dorm desk as comfortable as you make your dorm bed and dorm floor! Yes, it is possible! When you're adding dorm essentials to your college dorm checklist, don't forget about dorm items that will also make your dorm desk area more comfortable like our Bike Ride Desk Mat.

Our Bike Ride Desk Mat is one of those dorm necessities you'll be so glad to have once you get back from your college courses. You're going to spend a lot of time at uncomfortable college desks writing a lot of notes which can make your hand and arm sore. When you get back to your college dorm room, you're going to have a more comfortable surface to write on when you have our Bike Ride Desk Mat on your dorm desk. The soft neoprene cushioned surface will help prevent your hand and arm from become sore and tired as you write and type more notes at your college dorm desk. The surface of our Bike Ride Desk Mat is non-skid and is indent, stain, and scratch resistant and also does a wonderful job at protecting your dorm desk from scratches and stains. These all sound like amazing features in your dorm necessities, but it gets better - this college supplies product also adds to your dorm room decor! It has a simple, cute pattern of a sketched brown and pink bike on a soft white backdrop so you can add extra artistic flair to your dorm room decorations!

13" x 22"

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