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College Club Dorm Chair - Plush & Extra Tall - Purple
Extra Comfortable College Seating - Seat Yourself In This Club Dorm Chair - Plush & Extra Tall - Purple


College Club Dorm Chair - Plush & Extra Tall - Purple

Top Features include:
  • Extra Tall - Sits over 20"+ off the ground
  • Increased Plush Cushioning with Bonus Comfort Armrests
  • Folds up to a Space Saving, Compact, Transport Friendly Easy to Store Size
  • Quality Steel Construction - College Ave Brand Dorm Room Furniture

**Check out our video below on why a comfy chair for college is a dorm essential! Jeffrey wouldn't lie!**

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Retail Price $64.99
Student Discount Price $64.42
You Save: $0.57

Dorm Co. Tip: Dorm seating makes or breaks your room as a hang out spot
Dimensions: 38"L(Floor to top of back) x 26"W x 20.5"H (Seat off Ground)

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

BUY 2?

Chances are your school was a little skimpy on providing you with dorm supplies. You’ll receive a bedframe and mattress, a dresser, and a dorm desk and chair—were you expecting a big comfy couch? Even if you were, it probably wouldn’t fit in your dorm room, and you’d still be left with the problem of inadequate seating. Visiting friends can always sit on the floor, but it’s always nicer to have some better seating arrangements for them. With a College Club Dorm Chair - Plush & Extra Tall - Purple, you’ll increase seating space and give both you and your friends something much more comfortable to sit on. Even if you plan on doing most of your studying in the library, you might be surprised just how much time you’ll spend in your dorm room, so equip your home base with the right supplies for college dorms.

We can assure you you'll be making new friends in college, and while elaborate dinner parties might not be in the mix, having some friends over to hangout will be a daily event. Treat them like the guests of honor that they are and offer them some seating other than the cold, hard dorm floor! This dorm chair is truly an essential dorm item for when friends visit. And when you yourself use it, you'll find it's hard to go back to sitting in a plain old chair for longer study and homework sessions. This fold up chair for dorms provides the kind of comfort you can get used to. Your dorm stuff should be all about making dorm living more convenient and comfortable; that's just the combination this dorm room chair provides.

College dorm desk chairs are a joke when it comes to the comfort of these club chairs! Watch to find out more.
Extra Tall.. Extra Cushion... Extra Comfortable Seating... See for yourself!
How to Set Up Your College Club Dorm Chair

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