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College Closet Scarf Hanger
Fun Item For College - College Closet Scarf Hanger - Keeps Closets Organized


College Closet Scarf Hanger

Top Features include:
  • Dorm Essentials for your college closet - Chrome metal material
  • Use loops for scarves, belts, and other clothing accessories
  • More than enough loops ... 18 in all!
  • Don't let fragile scarves and other clothes fall to the floor
Retail Price $14.95
Student Discount Price $7.80
You Save: $7.15
Dorm Co. Tip: Add some hangers that save space
Dimensions: 11.5" at widest 9.5" total height

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: D3-1-7-24970

Keeping your college closet organized is the key to keeping your dorm room organized. How come? If all those college supplies inside your closet get messy, the mess tends to spread outward and consume the rest of your dorm room! Don't let it happen. Clothes are the most common dorm items for causing a mess, so make sure you have the right dorm organization products to keep things clean. Hangers for college closets are a great way to keep clothes off the ground, but diversify those hangers with some specialty hangers like our College Closet Scarf Hanger. If you have only standard, cheap hangers, those clothes and other dorm accessories just won't stay as neat.

This cool-looking metal hanger has 18 holes for hanging all your scarves, some belts, and other clothing accessories as well. Scarves are fragile garments, so don't let them fall to the floor and get compiled with shoes and all matter of other clothes and dorm stuff. Plus, it's very easy to start losing clothes and clothing accessories if you don't keep track of them. Instead of letting everything pile up on the floor, have the right hangers for your college closet to keep all your stuff for college organized. You'll save yourself the headache and hassle. And no matter how small that closet is, this hanger will of course fit fine and help you maximize space.

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