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Closet Doubler - Chrome
Double The Amount Of Space In Your Dorm Closet - Closet Doubler - Chrome

Closet Doubler - Chrome

Top Features include:
  • Provides more closet space for dorms
  • 32" Vertical Clearance
  • 28" of additional closet rod space
  • Perfect for cluttered dorm closets

**What freaks a lot of soon to be college students out is how tiny the provided dorm closet truly is, check out our Video Below to see our Closet Doubler in action!**

Note: Internet Explorer users cannot view videos due to Internet Explorer putting a block on YouTube. We recommend Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

Retail Price $13.99
Student Discount Price $9.99
You Save: $4.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Stay Organized by adding to your dorm closet

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: G2-3-7-11010

There's only one downside to getting new clothes for college. And that downside is obviously not having enough room to store all of these new clothes. Luckily, our Chrome dorm Closet Doubler gives you twice the closet space that is normally provided in dorm rooms. With 28'' of additional closet rod space, there's no need for you to leave any of your favorite shirts, pants, or jeans at home. Now if you could only get your college dorm room to be 28 feet bigger! The 32'' clearance of closet doubler will make it easy for you to hang up twice the amount of clothing without making your closet look twice as cluttered.

When you're moving into your college dorm room, nothing is worse then unloading all of your clothes and realizing you can't keep all of them in your dorm room. Believe it or not, this type of thing happens all the time! Avoid clothing separation anxiety with our small dorm supply that provides huge space. Hanging up your clothes is always better than shoving them into storage bins. When you wake up late and need something to wear fast, opening up your dorm closet door and seeing all of your clothes is much faster than opening up drawers and bins. Space and organization, or clutter and too many dorm storage bins? The right choice is pretty obvious. Get more space while hanging up more clothes with our clutter erasing dorm closet doubler.
You may end up stuck wearing extra layers without adequate clost storage space!

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