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Classic Black Hangers 18-Pack (Made in the USA)
Cheap And Simple - Classic Black Hangers 18 Pack - Required For Every Closet


Classic Black Hangers 18 Pack

Top Features include:
  • Hangers have indents for hanging dresses, suspenders etc.
  • Very light weight
  • 24 hangers for all your shirts
  • Great dorm closet organizer
Retail Price $20.50
Student Discount Price $17.98
You Save: $2.52
Dorm Co. Tip: Often little things reduce college stress the most

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: L2-1-6-18PACK

Our Classic Black Hangers 18 Pack are an absolute dorm necessity. They are inexpensive hangers that are great for college life and living in the dorms, and they are lightweight unlike many clunky hangers you'll see around. Our Classic Black Hangers 18 Pack can contribute to hanging up a significant part of your dorm, so you'll probably only need a couple of packs for the clothing in your dorm room closet.

Now, I bet you're wondering why we claim that our Classic Black Hangers are an absolute dorm necessity. Here at, we know that it's often the little things that make adjusting to dorm life easier. Arriving at college with no hangers, or even not enough hangers, can be super stressful. Having to run to your local big box store in your college town in the hopes that they won't be sold out from all the other students who had the same situation as you can lead to a frantic college move in process. Avoid as much stress as possible in the fall by arriving with all the dorm supplies you need, from the seemingly most insignificant to the dorm accessories that you just can't go without.

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