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Chilled Shaker
Must-have for student athletes

Chilled Shaker

Top Features include:
  • Protein for students on the go
  • Center freezer tube keeps milk cold for 5-6 hours
  • Separate compartment for protein
  • Must-have for Student Athletes
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Dorm Co. Tip: Student Athlete dorm products do provide an edge

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Product Code: E-BIN-46-749FF

The Chilled Shaker is the student athlete's must have dorm supply product. Eating healthy at college is hard enough and making sure you get enough protein is possibly even harder. The Chilled Shaker helps to solve both of those problems. By having an on the go protein shake container you'll be able to avoid pizza after the gym and you'll get the protein your body needs.

On-Campus living is not conducive to eating healthy. The truth is junk food is cheaper, faster and often the only thing available. That however doesn't have to be the case. Prior to your campus move-in day, stock up on some good protein powder mix. These tubs can sometimes last months and they provide liquid meals or snacks that actually fill you up. With your powdered protein you are now ready to use the Dorm Co Chilled Shaker. The bottom portion of this on the go container is a screw off base that is designed to hold your protein, the top section holds your milk or water and lastly the center freezer ring keeps your milk cold. Thanks to the freezer ring you can set up your protein shake in the morning before you go to class and it will still be good to drink later in the day when you are ready to go to the gym or practice.

About the Freezer Tube:
The center freezer tube is what makes this Chilled Shaker an on the go item. Keep the freezer tube in your mini-fridge's freezer section. Once frozen, place the tube in the Chilled Shaker and your milk will stay cold and drinkable for up to 6 hours. This allows you to go to class, work or to the library to study and once you are ready for a snack or a jolt of protein you can take the Chilled Shaker out and enjoy a nice cold drink.

This campus product is especially essential for student athletes. With all the workouts and practices, students have to keep the muscle growing and there is no better way than ensuring enough protein intake. The Chilled Shaker provides on the go student athletes with the needed protein anywhere the student goes.

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