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Cheap College Hamper - Pop-up Basket (Standard)
Cheap College Hamper - Pop-up Basket - Inexpensive Dorm Essential

Cheap College Hamper - Pop-up Basket

Top Features include:
  • Pop up style saves dorm space. Can fold down and compress in size.
  • Perfect item for dorm life
  • Cheap means saving money for cool dorm stuff!
  • A basic dorm item that's essential on laundry day
Retail Price $8.99
Student Discount Price $2.89
You Save: $6.10
Dorm Co. Tip: Buying a quality Pop-up Hamper saves hassle later
Dimensions: 12" D x 12" W x 20" H

Availability: SHIPS IN 24 HOURS
Product Code: CV81759


When shopping for college, cheap dorm supplies will help you save money that you can spend on cool dorm items. Hampers for college are essential dorm items, but when it comes to choosing your dorm hampers, sometimes it can't hurt to stick with the basics. The Cheap College Hamper - Pop-up Basket will provide a cheap hamper for college students that will still transport those dirty clothes come laundry day. By helping you to save money, you'll have more to spend on dorm accessories and other fun dorm stuff. Since a laundry hamper is a college essential, this hamper will get the job done without costing you much.

Dorm laundry hampers are simple items for college, but don't neglect including at least one. In fact, since this college hamper is so inexpensive, you may want to include a couple extras. More hampers means you can go longer without having to do laundry! It also means you can sort your laundry much more easily, whether you wish to separate white and dark colors or fabric types. Since dorm shopping should be fun, add this inexpensive laundry hamper, and cross off that college hamper from your college shopping checklist.

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