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Cereal on the Go - Blue
Take your breakfast to class.

Cereal on the Go

Top Features include:
  • Holds your cereal & milk separately
  • Freezer Gel keeps milk cold
  • Built in spoon
  • Great for campus breakfast on the go
Retail Price $7.98
Student Discount Price $4.99
You Save: $2.99
Dorm Co. Tip: To be more alert, find ways to not skip breakfast

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: K1-1-8-833

If you love cereal then Cereal on the Go is a must-have dorm product. This product makes taking your morning cereal with you to class possible. At Dorm Co we know you aren't going to wake up early enough to have extra time to eat. Let's face it there will be days you'll be lucky to get out of bed just to go to class. Knowing that it is still important to eat breakfast, we provide you with Cereal on the Go. Cereal on the Go is the only container that makes bringing cereal with you to class or wherever you are headed possible.

How it works?
Cereal on the Go is a handy food storage container that has two separate compartments. The top half is meant to hold your cereal and is equipped with an attached plastic spoon. The bottom half holds your milk. The milk stays cold because the bottom portion has a built in freezer gel. By keeping the bottom portion in the freezer overnight you'll have an ice cold spot to keep your milk. Since the top part that holds your cereal screws to the bottom milk section your milk stays in place and won't leak. This product is not only practical, but it's fun too!

Cereal on the Go is an ideal dorm room product. It's not just good for am breakfast in class, but it is also good for taking with you to the library as a study break snack or to your 3 hour long evening classes to keep you energized.

If you love cereal then you have to have Cereal on the Go!

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