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Cedar Hang Ups - Dorm Closet Freshener (2-Pack)
Cedar Hang Ups (Set of 2) Must Have Dorm Items

Cedar Hang Ups (Set of 2)

Top Features include:
  • Natural American Red Cedar Wood
  • Freshens and protects clothing from moths and musty odors
  • Sand lightly annually to renew aroma (sandpaper included)
  • Hang from your closet rod

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Product Code: F-BIN-2-6219-810

Odors in small living spaces like dorm rooms tend to linger! If your new dorm room happened to be occupied by a particularly unhygienic former inhabitant, some not-so-lovely smells could still be hanging about, especially in even smaller areas like your dorm closet. Since dorms have only a couple windows, it can be difficult to achieve a good cross-breeze. Instead, try our Cedar Hang Ups (Set of 2). By hanging them in your college closet, you'll replace any unpleasant smells with nice, natural cedar scent. Even if you yourself are one to put off doing laundry, you can keep any smelly clothes effectively covered up with these scent hangers!

Cedar Hangs Ups are dorm essentials if you do detect something funky. You don't want to live with that smell all year, do you? Since these hangers are made from wood, they can be sandpapered to renew their scent; it's a very practical feature, considering how many cheap air fresheners need whole new cartons to keep working correctly. It takes some effort to keep that dorm closet organized, but keeping it smelling good is a simple task thanks to these Cedar Hang Ups (Set of 2).

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