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TUSK® Underbed Folding Box 4-Pack - Calm Mint
TUSK® Underbed Folding Box 4-Pack - Calm Mint Under Bed Storage Dorm Necessities

TUSK® Underbed Folding Box 4-Pack - Calm Mint

Top Features include:
  • About TUSK®: Made from durable 600D, our TUSK® College Storage Line is created to be beyond durable, built to last, and can withstand tough college use.
  • Easy to reach pull handles
  • Includes 4 underbed folding boxes to hold extra clothes, shoes, pantry items, and other dorm essentials
  • Vibrant color to complete your dorm room decor theme
Retail Price $46.40
Student Discount Price $34.19
You Save: $12.21
Dimensions: 28" x 16" x 6"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: TUSK4FB-MINT

Package Includes: TUSK Underbed Folding Box

Package Includes: TUSK Underbed Fol:

Your goal when you first move into your college dorm room is to make it feel like a comfortable home away from home. You also have a goal of maximizing every bit of dorm room storage space you have available. After all, your college dorm room isn't that large and you need to take advantage of every available space you have to store as much as you can. You may be so focused on maximizing your college closet dorm storage space that you forget about the extremely valuable dorm room storage that is available under your college dorm bed. It's understandable - this is an area that college students often don't think of. However, you want to make sure you use that space because it will provide you with plenty of dorm room storage. Once you move into your college dorm room, clean out the area underneath your dorm bed and then add our TUSK® Underbed Folding Box 4-Pack in Calm Mint.

Our TUSK® Underbed Folding Box 4-Pack in Calm Mint will allow you to maximize your under bed storage space while keeping your dorm essentials clean and organized. The covers of these dorm necessities and their function of being underneath your college dorm bed allows you to store dorm items that aren't often used or dorm items that belong with your dorm bed. What better place to store your extra set of Twin XL Sheets than underneath your dorm bed? These dorm organizers will allow you to do just that. Have seasonal shoes or boots that you don't want in your college closet because you're not using them for a while? Store them in these handy dorm storage solutions. You don't want to just place those dorm items under your dorm bed without being stored in a dorm storage solution - that will detract from your dorm room decor. However, when those college supplies are stored in our TUSK® Underbed Folding Box 4-Pack in Calm Mint, you will be adding to your dorm room decor with the great, relaxing color of calm mint.

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