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TUSK Jumbo Storage Box 4-Pack - Calm Mint
TUSK Jumbo Storage Box 4-Pack - Calm Mint Dorm Essentials Dorm Storage Solutions

TUSK® Jumbo Storage Box 4-Pack - Calm Mint

Top Features include:
  • About TUSK®: Made from durable 600D, our TUSK® College Storage Line is created to be beyond durable, built to last, and can withstand tough college use.
  • Can fit in your closet, under your bed or on your desk
  • Includes 4 Dorm storage boxes to hold extra clothes, cooking items, and other college supplies!
  • Collapsible - folds flat when not in use
  • Pull Handle & Label area
Retail Price $37.96
Student Discount Price $28.58
You Save: $9.38
Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 10"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: TUSK4JS-MINT

Package Includes: TUSK Jumbo Storage Box

Package Includes: TUSK Jumbo Storag:

Part of going to college and starting out strong is being prepared with extra dorm essentials such as pantry items, clothes, dorm blankets, and other college supplies. The other part of living in a college dorm room is maximizing every available dorm room storage space you have. Maximizing your dorm room storage space is essential when you are going to college with everything you need and more to be prepared. You can't just stack your extra dorm essentials such as your clothes on your closet shelves and closet floor. Not only will they become dirty or damaged easier, they will also turn into a mess. You'll reach for a sweatshirt on a cool day and the whole pile can tumble over. Adding simple dorm organizers such as our TUSK® Jumbo Storage Box 4-Pack in Calm Mint will make a huge difference in your college dorm room.

Our TUSK® Jumbo Storage Box 4-Pack in Calm Mint has the dorm totes you need to make dorm organization easier. With 4 Dorm Storage Boxes in a massive size, you will exponentially increase your dorm room storage space. These dorm necessities can be stacked along your college closet floor and since they come with lids, you can keep those not often used dorm essentials hidden away. Our TUSK® Jumbo Storage Box 4-Pack in Calm Mint will allow you to separate groups of items and keep similar dorm items in their own box so you don't have to have those dorm items sitting loose on your college closet floor. You don't want to place your cooking supplies on your closet floor without being in something - this dorm essentials package will allow you to protect those dorm items and keep them organized in one bin so you don't have to search around for a cover to your pan or a spatula.

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