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TUSK® 2-Piece College Closet Set - Calm Mint
TUSK® 2-Piece College Closet Set - Calm Mint Dorm Storage Solutions Must Have Dorm Items Dorm Necessities


TUSK® 2-Piece College Closet Set - Calm Mint

Top Features include:
  • About TUSK®: Made from durable 600D, our TUSK® College Storage Line is created to be beyond durable, built to last, and can withstand tough college use.
  • Includes hanging sweater shelves and hanging shoe shelves
  • Vibrant colors add to your dorm room decor
  • Stay organized by adding durable dorm essentials such as our TUSK® Closet Pack that also adds plenty of dorm room storage!
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Package Includes: TUSK Hanging Sweater Shelves

Package Includes: TUSK Hanging Swea*:

Package Includes: TUSK Hanging Shoe Shelves

Package Includes: TUSK Hanging Shoe*:

Making your college dorm checklist can be quite overwhelming. There are plenty of dorm essentials you need to think of to bring with you. The problem is when you're unpacking on move in day. Where are you going to store all of the college supplies you needed to bring with you? You can't throw everything that didn't have a designated place on your college closet floor. Throwing your dorm necessities on the college closet floor not only will be stressful and disorganized, it can also make your dorm essentials prone to becoming dirty or damaged. The solution to keeping your clothes and shoes organized while expanding your dorm room storage is simple. Add dorm organizers like our TUSK® 2-Piece College Closet Set in Calm Mint to your dorm supplies.

Our TUSK® 2-Piece College Closet Set in Calm Mint comes with the closet organizers you need to make college living easier. With a hanging shoe shelf organizer and sweater shelves, this package will provide you with the dorm necessities you need to start college out right. Each dorm organizer in this special package comes in a relaxing light mint color to complete your dorm room decor while it keeps you organized. While the amount of dorm room storage these dorm storage solutions provide is great, their durability makes them even better. Each dorm storage solution in our TUSK® 2-Piece College Closet Set in Calm Mint is made of 600D. Other fabric dorm organizers can be prone to breaking due to the non-woven fabric. However, these dorm essentials are designed to be beyond durable and built to withstand tough college use.

TUSK® 2-Piece College Closet Set - Calm Mint Includes:

-TUSK® Hanging Sweater Shelves: This dorm essential uses your vertical closet space instead of your horizontal closet rod space so you can maximize the amount of clothes you can store. Plus, with 6 shelves you can keep your clothes organized and separated in whichever way you choose - by color, style, or type of clothing item, you'll have an easier morning routine.
-TUSK® Hanging Shoe Shelves:
Just like the sweater shelves, this dorm necessities item maximizes your college closet space by using vertical space and very little horizontal space. This dorm supplies item holds 10 pairs of shoes, plus, since it is also in your college closet, you can easily match your shoes with the rest of the outfit you have picked out.

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