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Bunk Pocket
Bunk Pocket - Keeps your dorm stuff Bedside - Ideal for Cell Phones, TV Remotes & Eye Glasses


Bunk Pocket

Top Features include:
  • Fits over any sized College Bed Post.
  • Perfect for keeping your Cell Phone bedside
  • Hangs from your Bed Post (Any style.... wooden, metal, rounded and square posts)
  • Each unit has 2 Pockets, Cell Phone charger opening & consists of high quality Neoprene
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Retail Price $12.99
Student Discount Price $6.94
You Save: $6.05
Dorm Co. Tip: Jumping out of bed for your phone is not an option
Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" (Pocket Size)

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: A-BIN-BP200


Think of the 1 item that you absolutely need to keep bedside. If you are thinking of your alarm clock, that is not a bad guess, but the answer of course is your cell phone. Whether you want to text, get a call, email, use an app or have your cell phone as your alarm clock, you'll want to have a way to keep your phone bedside. It just simply makes no sense to have to jump in and out of bed every time your cell phone rings or to send a text. Without a bedside table or nightstand due to being on the top bunk, in a lofted bed or due to lack of space in your dorm, that is exactly what you'll have to do each time you want your phone.

College Students who have already lived in a dorm for a semester know all about the problem discussed above and soon to be college freshman will quickly discover the dilemma of keeping items bedside. Dorm Co is pleased to solve this problem with our Patent Pending, Bunk Pocket. This dorm supplies essential is exclusive to Dorm Co and provides the ideal spot for your cell phone and other small items. With two pockets, you'll be able to hold your cell phone in one pocket, while the other pocket can hold your room key, student ID, pens, TV remote, eye glasses or any other item you want secured bedside. No longer will you need to keep these items under your pillow (at risk of falling and getting destroyed) nor will you need to keep them far away in an inconvenient spot on your dorm desk.

How does it work?
The Bunk Pocket works on any college bed post. Whether you have a rounded, square, wooden, metal, thin diameter or thick diameter bed post our Patent Pending Bunk Pocket will work. Simply place the Bunk Pocket top opening that best suits your bed post size over the bed post of your choice. Next, slide the Bunk Pocket down to the position of your liking and that is it! You are now ready to place your cell phone and other items you want bedside. The Bunk Pocket is designed to hang from your post in a stationary area, which gives you a constant spot to keep your stuff bedside.

Bonus: Fitting any sized cell phone, the Bunk Pocket is also equipped with a charger opening on the bottom should your cell phone's charging area be located on the bottom vs the side. Now you can charge your iPhone or other bottom charging phones while keeping your phone in your Bunk Pocket!

**Patent Pending**
Dorm Co is more than just a retail store, we are a true product developing wholesale company. The Bunk Pocket is our original, patent pending product. This patent pending product is yet another example of Dorm Co's drive & innovation to create dorm room products that make sense and function at a high level. Thanks for shopping with Dorm Co and keep an eye out for future innovative dorm products.

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