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Brotoga® - Pitch (Black) Baller Version
Brotoga® - Baller Version - Pitch Dorm Robe Dorm Coat Must Have Dorm Items


Brotoga® - Pitch (Black) Baller Version

Top Features include:
  • Huge, Warm & Cozy... Brotoga® with a Hoodie!
  • Includes (5) 2" Oversized Wooden Buttons, Hood with Drawstring, 2 Exterior Pockets and 1 Interior Pocket
  • It's a robe, it's a coat, it's a wear it when you want to be cozy soft! Wear in the dorms, to a party, to an outdoor event - anywhere!
  • Long, ultra plush fibers on the outside reversing to super soft coral fleece on the inside.... Thick, Heavy Warmth Luxury.
The Brotoga® is the first ever originally designed "Robe Coat" made with the intention to represent the absolute highest level of CAAE (Comfort Above All Else). Without CAAE what do you really have?

See Size Chart Below!

The Brotoga® is a Original Trademarked product

Retail Price $79.54
Student Discount Price $24.49
You Save: $55.05

Dorm Co. Tip: Stay warm on cool nights with the Brotoga

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: J15-001C-PITCH


There are inevitably going to be days in college where it's a tough decision between going out and staying warm and cozy in your college dorm room. Unfortunately, this feeling happens no matter if it's a party, outdoor sporting event, or even your college classes. You don't want to miss any of those things just because you don't want to leave your cozy dorm bedding. The good news is with our Brotoga® - Pitch (Black) Baller Version you don't have to! You can go to all those events, while maintaining ultimate comfort. By wearing the Brotoga® you have the best of both worlds!

Brotoga® - Pitch (Black) Baller Version is the ultimate in comfort. Is it a robe or a coat? Truth is it really doesn't matter because this original "robe coat" aka DormCo's exclusive Brotoga® is whatever you want it to be. Wear it in your dorm room and watch TV or wear it to your college classes and receive envious looks from college students that forgot the cardinal rule of CAAE (Comfort Above All Else). Or even wear it to a party and own the fact that you really only care about comfort. At this point you and your Brotoga® may be loving life.

But perhaps you haven't truly loved life with your Brotoga
® until you've worn it to an outdoor sporting event. Of course, just wearing the Brotoga® to your first outdoor game will bring a comfort you've never experienced, but for ultimate comfort and jumbotron looks, put your hood up, button the oversized wooden front buttons, put your wallet and cell phone in your inner pocket and with your hands in your front pockets sit back to enjoy the game. And when the person sitting next to you is wondering if your Brotoga® is as comfortable as it looks, you can say, "it's more comfortable than it looks. In fact with this thick plush outer material and super soft coral fleece lining I would reject free indoor box seats because I can't get any more comfortable than right here, right now in my Brotoga®!"

The Features....
Just like the Brotoga® Classic version, the Brotoga® Baller version has long, plush soft fibers that make-up the entire exterior. The interior, however is upgraded to a silky soft, heavy coral fleece as compared to the more free flowing polar fleece of the Classic. The Baller Version also has a Hoodie (which is hard to live without), 5 Oversized Wooden Buttons to stay warmly concealed, 2 Interior pockets and 1 exterior pocket for your cell phone, wallet and other items as well as an plush belt for creating added snugness for your Brotoga® comfort.

Size Chart:
M - For girls or smaller guys who want the Brotoga® experience
L - For the average guy or girl who wants a Brotoga®
XL - Bigger than your average guy - 6ft+ or those that want an oversized Brotoga®
XXL - Pro Football/Basketball players, athletes, big boys

Photo Credit: The College Horseman!

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