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Antimicrobial College Towel 2-Pack - 100% Cotton - Black
College Pure Cotton Bath Towel Pack of Two Black Towels Set 2 Dorm Life Essentials


Antimicrobial College Towel 2-Pack - 100% Cotton - Black

Top Features include:
  • College Dorm Essential - 2-Pack of Towels (28" x 56" Each)
  • 100% Cotton in Black for a soft touch
  • Super Absorbent Cotton Towel Set for everyday dorm use
  • Antimicrobial Technology inhibits odor causing bacteria

Student Discount Price $19.99
Dorm Co. Tip: Extra towels are a college dorm essential
Dimensions: 28" x 56" (Each)

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

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We’ll be honest, sometimes, dorm rooms can get a little bit stinky… especially guys' dorm setups. This may not have anything to do with your personal hygiene or dorm cleanliness, but is more of a natural side effect from living in tight quarters as well as the lack of airflow in stuffy dorm rooms. Between smelly shoes, old sweaty sports equipment, and damp towels all putting off malodorous smells in your dorm, it’s no wonder that there might be a funky scent in there from time to time. However, with the right dorm storage and dorm cleaning products, you can avoid smells in your dorm room from even occurring. Putting your shoes and college sports equipment away properly is step 1 to fixing that musty dorm smell; step 2 is upgrading to these Antimicrobial College Towel - 2-Pack - 100% Cotton - Black!

These dorm towels are made with naturally antibacterial towel materials to prevent bad odors from setting in. You should still be washing these black towels for college students, but thanks to antifungal, antimicrobial technology, they won’t stink up your dorm room while you wait for laundry day to come around. These high quality towels are also made with pure cotton for an ultra soft feel. And with two black bathroom towels included in this college bath towel pack, you can postpone laundry day for as long as you need to! Keep your dorm room from smelling and practice better hygiene in college with these antimicrobial towels. Your dorm bathroom checklist isn't complete without a soft cotton towel set!

Towel Dimensions: 28" x 56"

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