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Bedside Bench
Bedside Bench Dorm Necessities College Supplies


Bedside Bench

Top Features include:
  • Sits between your dorm bed and dorm wall
  • Add pillows to the top to turn your dorm bed into soft dorm seating and create a couch
  • Keeps items bedside and within arm's reach (Set your phone, alarm clock, remote, eye glasses and other items on the Bed Bench)
  • Creates a couch in your dorm room without losing dorm room space or having to throw pillows on a dirty dorm floor when you go to bed. (Pillows stay on the Bed Bench while you sleep).
Bonus: Need extra Dorm Seating? Take the bench out from behind your bed to create an instant seat for 3-4 of your friends.
Retail Price $99.99
Student Discount Price $59.98
You Save: $40.01

Dorm Co. Tip: All dorms can use extra outlets
Dimensions: 8"D x 72" x 23"H

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: BED-BENCH

Add Jumbo Wide Body Pillows?:

One of the hardest things to get used to in a college dorm room is not having dorm furniture to curl up and relax on after a long day of college courses. You have your dorm bed, but what you really miss is a couch. The good news is with our Bedside Bench, you don't have to miss out on this basic dorm furniture. Our Bedside Bench turns your dorm bed into a couch by adding our Jumbo pillows or your own dorm pillows so you don't have to worry about taking up space on your dorm bed. Plus, by keeping the college pillows that you'll be leaning against on your Bedside Bench while you sleep, you'll have even more comfort in your dorm bedding.

Our Bedside Bench is one of those great multi-purpose dorm items that will add a lot of comfort and value to your college dorm room. While you can add pillows to it and turn your dorm bed into a dorm couch, you can also use this dorm essentials item as a bedside table. Keep your phone, alarm clock, remote, eye glasses, and more on this dorm essentials item for extra table space without losing a lot of dorm room space. Bringing paperback books to college to read for fun? Stack them on this dorm essentials item along with your bedside necessities! This dorm Bedside Bench can even be used as dorm seating in front of your dorm bed or along your dorm wall for you and 3-4 friends. With our Bedside Bench, you can add versatile dorm essentials that add a lot of comfort without taking up a lot of space in your college dorm room.

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