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Bed Bug Killer & Repellent - Rest Easy
Bed Bug Killer & Repellent - Rest Easy


Bed Bug Killer & Repellent - Rest Easy

Top Features include:
  • Kills & Repels Bed Bugs 2-Pack of 2oz spray
  • Safe, non-toxic formula (no harmful pesticides)
  • Has a pleasant infused Cinnamon scent
  • Rest Easy by making your dorm bed bug resistant
Retail Price $14.48
Student Discount Price $9.87
You Save: $4.61
Dorm Co. Tip: Always go with better safe than sorry

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: GH2-2-2-00101

Bed Bug Killer & Repellent is an essential addition to any college dorm checklist. Spray our Bed Bug Killer on your Twin XL dorm bed and Rest Easy. Whether you think your dorm bed might have bed bugs or you want to repel any future potential of Bed Bugs it's a good idea to use our Bed Bug Killer Spray & Repellent.

Step 1 on move in day should be a complete spray down of your Twin Long mattress. Since you have no idea which students used the bed prior to you and you don't know how extensive the university cleaned the bed, it is always a good idea to start with our Bed Bug Spray. After a complete spray you can make your bed and finish up with college move-in day. It is definitely one of those better safe than sorry measures. Beyond peace of mind, if you actually do find your dorm bed has Bed Bugs you can be confident using our spray to kill and eradicate.

About Bed Bugs:
Bedbugs are nocturnal, bloodsucking insects which leave bites that are identified as pronounced red welts. Although their bites are reported to be painless, the marks they leave can be physically and emotionally scarring. Victims of infestations report having lingering fears of going to sleep, or even phobias of the beds themselves.

During the day, bedbugs can be difficult to spot, as they hide in crevasses in the mattress, floor joints, and even picture frames, and do not surface to feed until night time. During their short life spans, an individual bedbug can lay around 400 eggs, enabling them to repopulate and re-infest an area in just three to four months!

Bedbugs are still thriving in foreign counties and have made their way into North American Universities. With the increased international travel (study abroad programs & spring breaks) bed bugs have successfully reemerged into North America, as stowaways in the luggage of travelers. Since DDT, a highly effective, though hazardous pesticide, was banned from use in the 1970s, many less effective pesticides have been tried, including harsh, abrasive, toxic chemicals that can cause as much irritation as the pests themselves!

The safe and nonhazardous way to kill and repel bed bugs is to use our Bed Bug Killer & Repellent.

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