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Atomic Projection Alarm Clock
Atomic Projection Alarm Clock Dorm room alarm clocks


Atomic Projection Alarm Clock

Top Features include:
  • Projects time onto your wall or ceiling
  • Adapter powered or battery powered
  • Displays time, date, and temp. on main screen
  • Perfect College Dorm Alarm Clock
Retail Price $32.49
Student Discount Price $18.65
You Save: $13.84

Dorm Co. Tip: Can't hang wall clocks, get the next best thing!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: EQ-616-1412

Add Alarm Clock Shelf?

Often in dorm rooms your alarm clock is not located in the most convenient of places or it is difficult to quickly and easily see the time. Instead of moving things out of the way or waking up from a sound sleep just to see the time, you can now look up at the ceiling or the wall. That sounded weird, but it's not when you realize our Atomic Projection Alarm Clock places the time where you want it. So even though your alarm may be wherever you have free dorm space, the time can be on any flat surface you desire. Now from your top bunk you can simply look up at the ceiling to know what time it is. Or you can quickly check out the wall to catch the time. This college style alarm clock is all about convenience. It is truly a space saving clock!

Another great reason why the Atomic Projection Alarm Clock is great for dorms is that hanging a wall clock would result in an end of the year university fine. To get the time on your wall and to avoid a hefty fine you'll want to add our Atomic Projection Alarm Clock to your campus checklist.

  • Project time onto wall or ceiling
  • Indoor thermometer
  • Calendar
  • Battery Powered or Plug in
How to keep your alarm clock bedside:
  • Bedpost shelf - This dorm bedding accessory attaches to the post of your dorm bed post whether your post is wood or metal, large or small, it works! The Bedpost Shelf is especially handy for bunk bed and loft bed users who are unable to have a bedside table due to sleeping up high! Overall this dorm essential provides a place for your alarm clock, phone, drink, writing utensil and more. **Guaranteed to work on all dorm bed posts - Nightstands no longer needed**
  • Urban Shelf - This unique dorm room product helps you keep your alarm clock, drink, phone and other important stuff next to your bed without a nightstand. The Urban Shelf functions by sliding between your mattress and dorm bed frame (For home users between your mattress and box spring) keeping your stuff close and preventing the annoyance of jumping in and out of bed to turn your alarm off. **Guaranteed to work on all dorm beds - Nightstands no longer needed**

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