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Antimicrobial Bath Towel - Silver Infused
Antimicrobial Bath Towel - Silver Infused


Antimicrobial Bath Towel - Silver Infused

  • Made in Canada with USA Cotton
  • Silver infusion makes these bath towels antimicrobial!
  • High quality towels built to last
  • Extra bath towels save laundry time!
Retail Price $17.99
Student Discount Price $14.99
You Save: $3.00

Dorm Co. Tip: Extra towels reduces how often you do laundry
Dimensions: 27" x 52"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours


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Dorm towels may be some of the most dirtiest towels a person can own. When something is spilled or you have to wipe your hands, often times the Dorm Towel is the only thing around. And then, of course, there’s using it after workouts and for showers, and who knows if your roommate grabs it to clean up spills or wipe their hands when you’re gone -- your college dorm towel has the potential to pick up a lot of funky bacteria and microbes. And, because it’s college and you’ve got a busy life to live (and not always a lot of college storage space to store extra dorm towels) it can be really inconvenient to wash your college towels routinely. With our Antimicrobial Bath Towel - Silver Infused, you can be a little more comfortable knowing you’re protected from mystery germs that can find their way to your college towels.

Made with American cotton in Canada, our high-quality and super absorbent bath towels are not only comfortable and easy to clean, they’re infused with silver for double-duty protection. The infused silver has properties that repel or kill bacteria and microbes making it less likely to grow mold, stink, or spread germs. So even though you shouldn’t leave your dorm towel piled in the corner of your dorm room (even just to be courteous to your roommate), you won’t have to worry as much about some weird funk growing on your college dorm towel. Our durable and comfortable - and hygienic - towels are the perfect dorm bathroom essential for any college student who prefers their dorm towels to be versatile in use without carrying and spreading germs!

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