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Aloha Coconut - Dorm Room Scent
Aloha Coconut - Dorm Room Scent


Aloha Coconut - Dorm Room Scent

Top Features include:

  • Refreshing tropical scent of coconut
  • Provides a fresh smell - ensures a good smelling dorm room
  • 6 Oz. Fragrance - A little spray goes a long way!
  • Cover up: Dirty Laundry, Bathroom Smells, Smoke and anything else offensive

Retail Price $16.50
Student Discount Price $13.98
You Save: $2.52
Dorm Co. Tip: Keep your dorm room smelling fresh!
Dimensions: 6 Oz.

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: D2-2-1-21142


There’s a lot to love about going to college. Sure, adjusting to dorm life can be a struggle for some, but after a few weeks in your new home away from home, you’ll start to love the independence that comes with living on campus. However, something else may start to happen a few weeks after move-in day too… your dorm can start to get a little musty. Most college dorm rooms get a good deep clean between semesters, so your dorm probably had a pretty fresh smell at first. But in such close quarters, after you and your roommate start building up piles of dirty laundry and forget to take out the trash a few times, your dorm room might develop an unpleasant odor that you would do anything to get rid of.

Unfortunately, most colleges ban odor-eliminators like candles, incense, and wax melts. And we all know that potpourri is not going to be effective against some of those particularly rank odors. Thankfully, our Aloha Coconut - Dorm Room Scent is a dorm-friendly college essential that is here to help transform your stinky dorm room into a tropical paradise. A refreshing coconut scent can fill the air and mask those bad smells like a cool island breeze. And a little bit of this coconut air freshener can go a long, long way! In a compact 6oz can, this important dorm item can last you all semester. Making your dorm smell good is just one step towards making your dorm really feel like home!

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