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Extended Dorm Sized Bed Skirt Panel with Ties - Scooter Red (For raised or lofted beds)
Extended Bed Skirt with Ties Lofted Dorm Bedding Ideas Red College Decor Twin XL Dust Ruffle


Extended Dorm Sized Bed Skirt Panel with Ties - Scooter Red

Top Featured include:
  • Extended height for taller Twin XL dorm beds - 45"W x 60"H
  • Hides unsightly under bed storage in your dorm room
  • 100% Microfiber Extended Bed Skirt Panel - Machine Washable
  • Select the number of bed skirt panels needed: (1) Panel - covers just the front of the bed, (2) Panels - covers one full side of the bed, (3) Panels - covers one full side and the front of the bed, (5) Panels - covers both sides and the front of the bed

Retail Price $24.99
Student Discount Price $18.88
You Save: $6.11

Dorm Co. Tip: Conceal storage under your Twin XL bed for a clean look!
Dimensions: 45" W x 60" H

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: DS-BSP-EXT-SCTR

How Many Panels?

No matter what, an extra long Twin dorm bed is going to be a major part of any dorm room. But just because your Twin XL bed is a staple in your dorm room doesn't mean that you can't turn it into a fashionable part of your dorm décor. Choosing unique college throw pillows and a Twin extra long comforter that looks amazing is just the beginning when it comes to decorating your dorm bed. If you have a raised or lofted XL Twin dorm bed, you'll also want to pick out an extended college bed skirt with the perfect color. If you want to go bold with your dorm bedding, these Extended Dorm Sized Bed Skirt Panels with Ties - Scooter Red should do the trick!

Sold as separate Twin XL bed skirt panels, this unique college bedding accessory can help you cover the space between your extra long Twin bed and your dorm room floor without you needing to fight with any extra fabric. Most dorm Twin XL beds are stationed in a corner, and so three red college bed skirt panels are normally needed as they will cover the foot and (1) long side of the extra long Twin bed. With a warm and stylish color, these red XL Twin bed skirt panels are sure to make a statement when it comes to your dorm décor. And these extended microfiber dorm bed skirt panels aren't just for show, they are also designed to provide coverage for the prime college supplies storage space underneath your extra long Twin dorm bed.

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