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10 Hook Coat & Towel Rack - Over the Door
10 Hook Rack - Over the Door

10 Hook Rack - Over the Door

Top Features include:
  • 10 Hooks to maximize hanging
  • Essential for hanging coats, towels, clothes etc
  • Fits thick dorm doors (1.75" thick or less)
  • Must have dorm product

**Check out our videos below if you don't believe us that hook rack can really change the way you organize and keep your dorm room neat!**

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Retail Price $15.50
Student Discount Price $9.29
You Save: $6.21
Dorm Co. Tip: Wet towels need a spot to air dry -Over Door Hooks
Dimensions: 17.71" x 8.86" x 4.25"

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: G3-4-1-12405HOOK

Our 10 Hook Coat & Towel Rack - Over the Door is a must-have dorm room product for any college bound student. It almost seems silly that an over the door hook would be so essential for dorm life, but they truly are a necessity. What makes them a necessity is the fact that dorm living is quite different from home life.

Purpose 1:
At home you probably left your towel in the bathroom on a rack, over the shower rod or on a hook, but in college you'll have a community bathroom and you won't be able to leave your towel behind. Your shower towel will need to go in your dorm room, but where to put it? You won't want to put a wet towel in your closet and on your bed or futon is not a good idea, so you are stuck with the only place to hang it, which is on an over the door hook. By keeping your towel on an over the door hook you'll have a spot for it to dry and it will be easily accessible for your trips to the community shower.

Purpose 2:
At home you probably kept your coat in a hall closet or mud room, but in dorm life you won't have a hall closet or mud room. Dorm rooms typically have one closet and that closet needs to be your everything closet. It will need to hold all your clothes, shoes, laundry and accessories. The need for the over the door hook is to free up precious closet space by keep your coat or jacket (that you wear daily) in a fast, space saving and easily accessible area. With our 10 Hook Coat & Towel Rack - Over the Door you'll be able to keep your coat ready for your next walk to the cafe, class or anywhere you need to go.

...wheeww...Who thought a simple over the door hook could be so important or require such a lengthy explanation?! I think it's time for a nap. If you have questions, feel free to let us know and we'll wake up from our nap and help. Good luck and enjoy dorm life!
Cut your hand off? Or get an over the door hook? .... Silly Question? NOT REALLY!

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