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The Easily Forgotten Essentials - College Gift Pack
The Easily Forgotten Essentials - College Gift Pack


The Easily Forgotten Essentials - College Gift Pack

Top Feature include:
  • Every wonder what it would be like to have a box filled with stuff that you don't realize you need until you need it? This is that box!
  • Includes: Bunk Pocket, Ear Buds, Clip Light, Dry Erase Magnets (Includes 6), Mesh Laundry Bag, Spazzstick, 3 Outlet Extension Cord, Sew Kit, Wet Wipes, Body Wash Sheets, Toothbrush and Soap Holder, Cedar Hang Ups, Can Opener, Woolite Detergent, Squeeze It, Stain Remover Packet, $5.00 DormCo Gift Card
  • Products college students actually need!
  • Good gift for any High School Grad
** Check out the video below to see how you can get a gift pack for your different college needs! The 12 Days of College is a great gift or small move-in pack for your college dorm.

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Student Discount Price $57.29
You Save: $11.36
Dorm Co. Tip: Our 12 Days of College - Gifts Every College Student needs

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Product Code: 12DAYS-11

Package Contains: Gift Box

Package Contains: Laundry Bag

Package Contains: Detergent

Package Contains: Bathroom Accessory

Package Contains: Bathroom Accessor:

Package Contains: Book Light

Package Contains: Can Opener

Package Contains: Fabric Freshener

Package Contains: Outlet Accessory

Package Contains: Sewing Kit

Package Contains: Soap/Toothbrush Holder

Package Contains: Soap/Toothbrush H:

Package Contains: Spazzstick

Package Contains: Bedding Accessory

Package Contains: Body Wash Sheets

Package Contains: Dorm Accessory

Package Contains: Gift Card

Package Contains: Stain Removal

Package Contains: Headphones

Package Contains: Note Pads

It's hard to pack for college. Dorm rooms are small, so students don't want to bring too much. But, students also need to have the right dorm supplies to live happily and comfortably away from home. It certainly is a fine line. No matter what, there are always dorm essentials that get left behind. Students usually don't realize they need something until they've already moved in, and it's a hassle to run out to a crowded store on move in day. The Easily Forgotten Essentials College Gift Pack saves students from 'I wish I had that!' moments. It comes equipped with all the little dorm essentials college students need to make their dorm rooms not only functional but homey.

Pack Includes:
  1. Bunk Pocket - The difference between a good college dorm experience and a bad one is college dorm accessories. The right dorm room supplies make life that much easier and organized, so students can focus on school. The Bunk Pocket is one such item students will regret not having. The Bunk Pocket fits around any size dorm bedpost and is the best place to store a cell phone or any other items students need close by.
  2. Ear Buds - Ear Buds are one of those items students lose or break frequently. So, it's always a good idea to have an extra pair handy! MP3 players or smartphones are an integral part of every college students life. This dorm room accessory makes sure students can always listen to music on their walks across campus or during their late night study sessions.
  3. LED Reading Light - With a big test looming, sometimes students have to pull an all nighter. But if their roommate is asleep, it'd be rude for a student to keep the light on all night. This clip light is the perfect dorm accessory for late night study sessions and for night owls. It clips right on to to textbooks or paperbacks, making it the ultimate dorm study accessory. Students will be glad to have it for those long nights!
  4. Dry Erase - Weekly Dot Notepads - Decorate your dorm room with cool college decor supplies like this dorm safe Dry Erase - Weekly Dot Notepads. The Dry Erase - Weekly Dot Notepads is a fun and easy way to add decorations to your dorm walls. Instead of just posters and photos, add a unique dorm room decor accessory to your college decor collection.
  5. Dry Erase Magnets (Includes 6) - One of the biggest pet peeves of college parents is when their child forgets to return their calls. Students need a place to store important reminders and notes, so they don't forget to call mom! This magnet set sticks to a dry erase board or your dorm fridge so you can stick up reminders for homework or who to call.
  6. Mesh Laundry Bag - College students aren't the best at remembering to wash their clothes. Laundry tends to get piled up in dorm rooms, so students need a good laundry bag to haul all those clothes to the laundry room. The mesh makes sure dirty clothes won't stink up the dorm room. It's the perfect dorm accessory for keeping dirty laundry off the floor and out of the way! A good laundry bag is a dorm essential students do not want to forget.
  7. Spazzstick - Here at DormCo, we know it can be hard staying awake during lectures. Some professors just have that monotone voice that lulls students right to sleep. But students will be sorry they slept come final exam time. Sometimes all a student needs is a little zap of caffeine to make it through those boring lectures. Spazztick is caffeine and lip balm, all in one. This handy dorm accessory could be a life saver during class! Smooth lips and caffeine.. what's not to love?
  8. 3 Power Max Outlet - College dorms are tight on space and outlets. Students need to plug in computers, cell phones, lights, dorm fridges and more, but there are never enough outlets for everything. Students always need an extra outlet, and this 3 Power Max Outlet will give them three! It will save students the hassle of constantly unplugging dorm room accessories. With three extra outlets, students will be able to plug in all of their dorm accessories and appliances without sacrificing power to any other dorm supply.
  9. Sew Kit - With so many places to go and people to see, clothes can get snagged or ripped. A sewing kit is a dorm room necessity students rarely think about until it's too late! With this kit on hand, students can sew on a button, fix a hem or sew a small tear in no time. Instead of throwing away clothes, students will be able repair and continue to wear them throughout college.
  10. Body Wash Sheet - College dorm life is all about convenience. If it's easy and saves time, college students will love it. That's the idea behind this clever dorm shower supply. It dissolves instantly in water, so students can get clean quick. It will take up barely any space in a dorm shower caddy, and it's size makes it ideal for travel. Students can be in and out of the shower on to other tasks quick as can be with the body wash sheet. Students will never know how they lived without body wash sheets before college!
  11. Toothbrush and Soap Holder - With community showers, students have store all of their toiletries in their dorm rooms, including their toothbrush. Unfortunately no space in a dorm room is sanitary enough to lay your toothbrush on. Dirt and dust collect everywhere in dorm rooms and the last thing you want is your toothbrush laying out in the open. A toothbrush holder is a dorm room must have to keep toothbrushes clean and sanitary. Students often don't realize how important a toothbrush holder is until they move in!
  12. Cedar Hang Ups - The cedar hang up is a dorm room essential that will help you keep your dorm room smelling fresh and clean. Hang up this compact dorm essentials on your closet rod to keep your dorm closet fresh.
  13. Can Opener - Not every dorm meal has to be Ramen or pizza. But to create a meal outside of the norm, different dorm cooking utensils are needed. A good can opener can be the difference between another boring meal and an exciting one. Enjoy a can of soup on a cold day or open a can of sauce or vegetables to a little extra something to a dorm room meal. This can opener is a necessary dorm room accessory for every aspiring dorm room chef. Students will thank you for saving them from another plate of bland dinging hall chicken.
  14. Woolite Detergent - Before going away to college, many students have never done their own laundry before. Measuring out the right amount of detergent for each load can seem overwhelming, but fear not-- students will be able to do hassle-free loads of laundry with these pre-measured Woolite Detergent packs. The individual packs have the perfect amount of detergent to get clothes clean and fresh. This dorm essential will save students money as they won't need to buy detergent when they get to school!
  15. Squeeze It - This nifty gadget is one of those dorm items students don't know they need. Everyone has felt the frustration of trying to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. Squeeze it makes using every bit of toothpaste struggle free. It'll even save college students money in the long run as they won't throw away tubes that still have toothpaste in them!
  16. Stain Remover Packet - Stain remover is one of those dorm necessities that is easily forgotten until you actually need it. Then your scrambling to try to find a way to remove that grass or grease stain! Our Mom's Magical Goop Stain Remover packet does it all! From removing paint to grass to grease, this is the stain remover packet you need!
  17. $5.00 DormCo Gift Card - If a students forgets any other dorm essentials, or need to restock, this $5.00 DormCo Gift Card will help!
A gift box made for your everyday college needs! Watch this video to see the different types of gift packs you can get with the 12 Days of College!

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