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Staple Remover - Aqua
Staple Remover - Aqua College Supplies Dorm Necessities Dorm Supplies


Staple Remover - Aqua

Top Features include:
  • Complete your dorm room decor
  • Back of remover slides up to keep jaws closed, preventing you from hurting your finger
  • Avoid ripping your stapled notes apart - separate them nicely with a staple remover
  • Sturdy steel construction
Student Discount Price $5.99
Dorm Co. Tip: You're in college to study - make sure you have the desk supplies to make studying more efficient
Dimensions: 2.25"L x 0.88"H x 0.63"D

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

Sometimes break ups are necessary. Sure, keeping papers together is essential and otherwise you have random sheets of paper spread throughout your dorm room. But keeping those papers stapled in your college binder isn't very effective and will most likely result in you using a few reinforcements to repair one of the three hole punches in the paper when you got frustrated at trying to keep the paper down and ripped your course syllabus. Don't be that person that rips their course syllabus in the first week of college. Separate your papers amicably and avoid asking your professor for a second copy of everything with our Staple Remover in Aqua. You'll be able to separate those staples easily, save the environment from not having multiple copies of every paper, and you can also avoid the weird looks from your Professors from asking for those multiple copies.

Just because they're college supplies, that doesn't mean they have to be boring. In fact, this dorm essentials item will make your college desk so much more fun with the bright aqua color that adds to your dorm room decor. The sturdy steel construction of this dorm necessities item will help you break up the toughest staple without you ruining five pen caps or your fingers to pry it apart. Plus, the back of this staple remover slides up and keeps those sleek silver jaws closed so you don't get your finger bitten when you're reaching for it. And when you're bored or need to think about your English essay or Science homework for a minute without actually looking at it, you can move the back closure and pretend this Staple Remover in Aqua is a shark. Make your dorm necessities for college more fun with basic dorm supplies like our Staple Remover in a bright Aqua color.

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