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Morph Mug - Heat Indicator Mug
Morph Mug - Heat Indicator Mug


Morph Mug - Heat Indicator Mug
Top Features include:
  • Includes one super cool mug for college - heat indicator
  • When hot, the battery indicator changes color
  • When cold or empty, the battery indicator appears depleted
  • Porcelain mug - hand wash only and do not microwave
Retail Price $19.02
Student Discount Price $11.81
You Save: $7.21
Dorm Co. Tip: Coffee mugs can have personality too!

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: KIK-CU41

Call it magic, the Morph Mug - Heat Indicator Mug is one of those dorm room accessories different from all of the rest. While a standard mug is essential for a college dorm, one that morph's upon temperature change is even cooler to add to your dorm stuff! So how does it work? Upon having a hot beverage in the Morph Mug - Heat Indicator Mug like coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other heated liquid, the battery power appears super charged! As the liquid begins to cool or empty from the mug, the green power acts as a draining battery. So green indicates hot and black indicates that the battery is dead, or in this case the heated liquid is gone or cooled down. It's a pretty unique and cool dorm item, we have to say.

Ordinary mugs get the job done fueling your energy with coffee or tea, but what better analogy is there between energy and a charged battery indicated by the Morph Mug - Heat Indicator Mug! Make this awesome college essential part of your dorm room by adding it to your college shopping list now! Not only will this great dorm product be used constantly, it's fun and will definitely be appealing to any dorm room guest. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning or a delicious cup of hot chocolate on a cold day. The Morph Mug - Heat Indicator Mug is without a doubt a dorm room necessity!

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