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Magic Static Remover (2 sizes available)
Portable College Static Remover - Stay static free while away at college!

Static Remover ( 2 sizes available )
Top Features include:
  • Keeps fabrics static-free all day
  • It is safe for colorfast fabrics
  • Perfect to use when your having a clothing static issue
  • It even smells good
Retail Price $8.99
Student Discount Price $4.89
You Save: $4.10
Dorm Co. Tip: Avoid being a cling thing = a good thing

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: GH2-1-2-39202


There aren't a lot of things in college that will make you feel embarrassed, but having static cling with your clothes is certainly one of those problems that will turn your face red. Whether the static makes your hair fly up, or your recently washed sock is stuck to your fleece hoody, you'll want to ensure your clothes are static free. Since you never know when static will hit we recommend our Magic Static Remover.

Just give your clothing items a spray with our Magic Static Remover and you won't need to worry if you'll be attacked by static cling of any kind!

Some dorm essentials you purchase knowing that you'll use them daily and then there are other essentials like our Magic Static Remover that you get knowing when you do use it, it will be invaluable. Being prepared is one of the key tips to college dorm life that keep living on campus fun and stress free. Our dorm store has you covered for all the big stuff you need and the little stuff that can be forgotten (or that can avoid an embarrassing situation) like our Magic Static Remover.

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