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Lil Peace of Mind (Safety & Security) - College Gift Pack
Lil Peace of Mind (Safety & Security) - College Gift Pack


Lil Peace of Mind (Safety & Security) - College Gift Pack

Top Feature include:

· What's more important than Safety? This aptly named kit provides Peace of Mind through safety and security essentials for college.

  • Includes: 6'' Flashlight, Key Alarm, Steel Cable Lock, Charger Unit, Pepper Spray, Flat Light Flashlight, Door Stop, Padlock (mini), $5.00 DormCo Gift Card
  • Optional Add-ons: Bheestie Bag, Fire Extinguisher
  • Products college students actually need!
  • Good gift for any High School Grad
** Check out the video below to see how you can get a gift pack for your different college needs! The 12 Days of College is a great gift or small move-in pack for your college dorm.

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Student Discount Price $46.17
You Save: $9.67

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Product Code: 12DAYS-08

Package Contains: Gift Box

Package Contains: Flashlight

Package Contains: Cable Lock

Package Contains: Charger

Package Contains: Emergency Flashlight

Package Contains: Emergency Flashli:

Package Contains: Pepper Spray

Package Contains: Door Stop

Package Contains: Gift Card

Package Contains: Alarm

Package Contains: Padlock

Add Dorm Fire Extinguisher?


Peace of mind is essential for a good college experience. If students feel unsafe or worried about the security of their dorm room supplies, they will not be focused on schoolwork. Dorm security should be a priority for any new college student. The Lil Peace of Mind College Gift Pack provides all the dorm security essentials college students need. Security is also a huge concern for parents. This pack gives both students and parents the confidence to live on campus and feel safe. It includes all of the dorm necessities to live happily and securely at college.

Pack Includes:

1. 6'' Rib Gripped Flashlight - Having a flashlight on hand is always a good idea for a college student. Whether they are walking across campus late at night or the electricity goes out, it's good to be prepared to see in the dark. This 6'' Rib Gripped Flashlight is super bright and comes with a wrist strap. A quality flashlight is a dorm room essential for college students.

2. Key Alarm - In an unfamiliar environment, it's always nice to have some extra peace of mind. This dorm essential key alarm delivers on that peace of mind and more. The loud siren sound will scare away potential attackers and it even acts as a mini flashlight. Students should always take security seriously, and this key alarm is a small way to feel safe.

3. Steel Cable Wire Lock - For those without cars on campus, a bike is a great way to get around-- and exercise! But students shouldn't leave bikes unlocked on campus. College campuses are home to hundreds of people. It's always best err on the side of caution. This steel cable lock is a college essential for bike owners. This strong lock will protect bikes and more dorm accessories from theft.

4. Charger Unit - Walking across campus late at night can be scary, especially with a dead cell phone. This potentially dangerous situation can be easily avoided with this emergency charger unit. Fueled by AAA batteries and connect via USB port, this charge provides up to 120 more minutes of battery to cell phones. Students can use this dorm essential anywhere, not just in an emergency. Having a charged cell phone is one easy way to feel safer on college campuses.

5. Pepper Spray - Pepper spray is top dorm accessory when it comes to safety. It provides peace of mind to every student and parent. This convenient, portable pepper spray attaches to keys for easy access in an emergency. With a spray, would-be attackers are temporarily blinded, choking and disoriented allowing students to get away and seek help. Students will feel safe no matter what time of day this dorm security supply.

6. Flat Light Flashlight - Lightweight and portable, this dorm essentials item is perfect in a power outage or for camping. Make sure you're prepared in college with dorm supplies for any occasion.

7. Door Stop - Old dorm doors might not have the most secure locks. The best dorm safety accessory to keep doors shut tight is this door stop. It will prevent any dorm door from opening, allowing students to sleep soundly through the night. The durable construction is ideal for years of use and peace of mind.

8. Padlock (Mini) - In dorm rooms, you can never be too careful when it comes to security. Residence halls are full of people, and it's best to keep dorm supplies secure. This mini padlock is the perfect size for locking trunks or backpacks. Students and parents will be worry free knowing all of the great dorm stuff they bought is safely locked!

9. $5.00 DormCo Gift Card - For last minute dorm security needs, students can use this $5.00 gift card!

Optional Add-ons:

1. Bheestie Bag - It's a terrible feeling when a cell phone or electronic is dropped in water. Water can quickly damage any electronic, so a Bheestie Bag is a dorm room essential! The Bheestie Bag wicks water out of electronics and saves them from permanent water damage. There is nothing more vital to student security than a functioning cell phone. In fact, it would be rather unsafe to be so far from home without one! The Bheestie Bag makes sure cell phones and electronics will always work, even after getting wet.
. Fire Gone - Dorm Fire Extinguisher - Fire Gone is a fire extinguisher packaged in a compact and cleverly designed aerosol can. It is ideal for college dorm life not only because of its size, but also because it can literally save the day if a fire break's out in your room.
A gift box made for your everyday college needs! Watch this video to see the different types of gift packs you can get with the 12 Days of College!

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