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Double Shield - Shatterproof Cell Phone Screen Protector
Double Shield - Shatterproof Cell Phone Screen Protector


Double Shield - Shatterproof Cell Phone Screen Protector

Top Features include:
  • Ensures your cell phone screen won't shatter or crack!
  • Drop it .. Heck take a hammer to it and it won't shatter
  • Also prevents scratches, reflection and rainbow effect
  • Best pro-active insurance you can get for your cell phone
Available for iPhone 4 & 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III

**Check out our video below with Jeffrey to see why this Double Shield is the only way to make sure that cell phone screen doesn't get cracked or broken!**

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Retail Price $29.99
Student Discount Price $19.99
You Save: $10.00
Dorm Co. Tip: Smart dorm products can also be smart anywhere products

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: GH12-DSS

When it comes down to it, your cell phone is your most valuable college item. It's what connects you to your friends, family back home, and your all-important school email. But like any electronics, cell phones can be fragile, and college life can be rough on cell phones! If you sleep on the top bunk, a fallen cell phone can prove fatal, or it could at least put a large crack in its screen. Driving and texting is dangerous, but running (late to class) and texting can also prove hazardous, especially to your cell phone; dropping your phone against rough pavement is a surefire way to scratch or crack the screen. A damaged screen means it'll be harder to read texts, and a small crack can get bigger ... leading to having to get a new phone altogether—what a pain!

Instead of living with a damaged cell phone, prevent any scratches or cracks before they happen with our Double Shield - Shatterproof Cell Phone Screen Protector. You can literally take a hammer to this shield and it won't crack! It's the strongest yet still a very simple way to keep that cell phone protected. Since that cell phone is such valuable part of your supplies for college, it's also worth protecting for cost reasons alone. Living on a college budget means having to buy a whole new phone can get pricey! Don't be stuck kicking yourself later on—but if you do kick your cell phone by accident, its screen will be safe!
Jeffrey will show you how to easily install the Double Shield, and he even takes a hammer to it after it's attached!

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