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Is shipping really just $2.95 with no minimum purchase?
YES! Shipping is just $2.95 for your entire order for a 4-8 business day delivery. That's right, whether you buy 1 item or 100 items you pay just $2.95 (Flat Rate Shipping) The only catch is that you must ship within the 48 contiguous United States.

How Fast will my order ship?

Orders ship within 24 hours! That's right you pay $2.95 shipping and we get your order out the door in 24 hours or less! Keep in mind weekends don't count because our shipping carriers do not work on weekends. If you place an order Friday night, 24 hours is considered Monday. Your tracking information will be emailed shortly after your order ships.

How long do orders take to arrive?
We ship within 24 hours and orders take 4-8 business days to arrive based on your location. Our $2.95 shipping moves via standard ground shipping via UPS, Post Office or a combination of both (Surepost method). Since we ship most of products from our Madison (Nashville), TN warehouse you can estimate based on your Ship To location the total # of days it will take for your order to arrive. For example the closer you live to TN the lesser the number of days it will take your package to arrive.

What if I need my order faster?
We can do that! Because we ship most of products from our main Madison (Nashville), TN warehouse and we ship within 24 hours, we can ship AS FAST AS YOU WANT. During checkout you'll see faster shipping options listed under our everyday $2.95 shipping. These include: Shipping Fast Pass (Orders Cut the Line and if placed before 1pm CT your order will ship the same day), Guaranteed 3-Day or Guaranteed 2-Day and Guaranteed Overnight and First Overnight shipping. That's right, if you are willing to pay the overnight delivery charge, you can get your order within 24 hours as long as it's placed before 1 p.m. CT.

About Fast Pass: Many customers opt for Shipping Fast Pass, which arrives 2-3 days faster than our $2.95 Standard option. Why? Because Fast Pass orders get priority. Your order moves to the front of the line and if your order is placed before 1pm CT it will ship the same day. Further by selecting Fast Pass your order will not ship slow boat by the US Post Office and it will not ship via Surepost (slower, because it is a combination of UPS and the Post Office) Added Bonus: Shipping Fast Pass doesn't just move your order to the front of the queue it also ensures if there is an inventory shortage, your order as a Fast Pass order will get priority over previous orders not placed with Shipping Fast Pass.

What is your cut-off time for all upgraded Shipping including Fast Pass?
Good Question. Any orders prior to 1pm Central Time, we guarantee that the upgraded Shipping options including Fast Pass will go out the same day. For example if you order on a Tuesday at 1:59pm ET and select the shipping speed Fast Pass at checkout your order will go out the same day. This also means if you ordered Overnight shipping, you'll get it Wednesday, 2-Day you'll get it Thursday, 3-Day Friday and Fast Pass a full 2-3 days faster than our Standard $2.95 option. Orders after 1pm are guaranteed to ship the next day. You ask: "What happens if I order from 1-2pm CT, select Fast Pass or another upgraded shipping option and really need it to ship the same day?" Call us! (888-925-2899) Sometimes our service team can get exceptions to occur. It's a novel idea, a customer service team that works in an office next to our warehouse and not in India (no offense to India). Brilliant! With service next to the warehouse we can help without delays!

I live in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico, how does your shipping work for me?
We can ship your order, however our $2.95 shipping cannot be extended to your location. Upon checkout you'll see the shipping options that are available.

I live internationally, but I'll be attending university in America. Can I order ?
Absolutely! We accept PayPal or credit cards from your bill-to address and we can ship your order directly to your university. Please make sure your University address is correct and complete, and we can ship your order for the $2.95 rate or you can upgrade your shipping to get it faster. If you want to place an order today, but you don't want it to ship until a future date, simply email us at Include your order # and the date you want your order to ship and we'll pre-pack it and have it scheduled for your desired arrival date. By doing this, you know that if you are coming all the way from England, Australia or whatever country you call home, your dorm stuff will arrive and be ready for your arrival.

Do you take returns?

Of course! Please click here for details.

WAIT ... I have a question you did not answer.
No problem, when in doubt email us at or call 888-925-2899

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