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Shampoo Sheets - Pack of 50
Shampoo Sheets - Pack of 50

Shampoo Sheets - Pack of 50

Top Features include:
  • Just add water and sheet dissolves instantly
  • 3-1-1 Carry On Compliant
  • Very cool college dorm room product
  • A must have bathroom accessory
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Student Discount Price $2.99
You Save: $2.00

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Product Code: GH2-8-8-02092

Washing your hair suddenly just became a whole lot cooler with these Shampoo Sheets - Pack of 50. There's hardly anything cool about showering in college. You have to use communal showers; your dorm room might have older water pipes, meaning unpredictably hot or cold showers; sometimes those communal showers will be all occupied in mornings; and shower floors are basically swamps. At least your shampoo, your key shower supply for college, can be cool. These sheets dissolve into shampoo simply by running them under water. Shampoo bottles can be big, bulky, and take up pretty much all the space in your shower tote for college. If you have a lot of other dorm bathroom supplies, these sheets will help you save space!

You won't have time in the morning to dally if you don't want to be late for class, and these shampoo sheets can help you shower as quickly as possible. Just grab a little sheet, run off to the shower, and turn on the water. You might still have to run to class, but every second counts when you're running late! And if you take any weekend trips while you're dorming, these shampoos sheets are must-have travel accessories. Or, use them daily when you're back in your new home (your dorm) to make showering in college more fun than the same old daily routine.

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