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Quad Shelf Organizer White - Way Basics Dorm
Cool Items For Dorms - Quad Shelf Organizer White - Way Basics Dorm - Dorm Organization Essentials


Quad Shelf Organizer - Way Basics Dorm

Top Features include:
  • Four compartments to hold all your college supplies and school stuff
  • Eco-friendly - made from recycled paper materials / Well Made / Sleek Design
  • Easiest Assembly Ever - Peel, Stick, Done - No Hardware needed
  • College dorm necessity for textbooks and all matter of dorm stuff
Retail Price $79.99
Student Discount Price $59.00
You Save: $20.99
Dorm Co. Tip: More shelf space means more organization and a cleaner dorm
Dimensions: Depth 12.0" | Width 26.4" | Height 24.8"

Availability: Usually Ships in 1-2 Days

Description Technical Specs
Although seemingly all dorm rooms are short on space, they're really not short on floor space. Dorm furniture that's provided is sparse, however, there's still space along the walls to make some additions. So keep a corner or small area open for this Quad Shelf Organizer White - Way Basics Dorm. This dorm bookshelf will be useful for holding all those textbooks for class, of course. But think beyond the books when it comes to this dorm room supply. With its four different storage spaces, you can use two of them for books and the other two for any other college supplies, for example.

If you brought your whole movie collection with you, toss those DVDs right in this shelf. While you can keep so much dorm stuff underneath that bed, things can get pretty dusty when it comes to under-bed storage. A few dusty DVDs might not be so bad, but you don't want your winter clothes covered in dust or your dorm room snacks. Speaking of dorm snacks, we can guarantee there won't be a pantry in your dorm room. This shelf, however, can keep all those quick dorm meal supplies right where you can see them—got to make sure your roommate's not stealing your food, right?! Even if you don't plan out specifically what you'll be keeping on these shelves, trust us, the added storage space will come in handy.
Outside: Depth 12.0" | Width 26.4" | Height 24.8"
Inside: Depth 11.2" | Width 11.8" | Height 11.2"

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