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International Student Bedding Package
International Student Bedding Package


International Student Bedding Package

Top Features include:
  • 12 Item Dorm Bedding - Gives you the Basic Necessities To move into your new home ... dorm!
  • Includes your Twin XL Comforter, Twin XL Sheet Set (Flat, Fitted, Pillowcase), Twin XL Blanket, (2) Pillows, Extra Pillowcases (2-Pack), (1) Bath Towel, and a 2-Pack of Washcloths
  • Our Packages give you full a la carte - Upgrade where you want & save where you need to!!
  • Top Selling College Pack.... Packages save you $$$ because you are buying in BULK.
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Dorm Co. Tip: Package Sets SAVE $$$
Dimensions: Twin XL College Package

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

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International Student Bedding Package

When choosing your college dorm bedding we know it can be a bit overwhelming, not to mention expensive and for those two reasons we have put together our WILDLY POPULAR "College Dorm Packages".

Our Dorm Packages are a great way to get everything you need and save a ton of $$$$ in the process. Test us out. Locate each item separately, add up the shopping cart and you'll see our Package Savings are nothing to sneeze at. How do we do it? For starters, DormCo is a wholesale provider of dorm stuff, which means we manufacturer most of the items you see here and because we produce it, we can offer a bulk savings for bulk purchases (packages) on our already crazy low prices.

So when you choose DormCo for all your college bedding we give you a bulk wholesale price... Why you ask? ... Because we are good people? Yes.... well Maybe... but we also want you to brag about how you saved at DormCo. It's always fun to brag about how cheap you got something and what a great deal you found. Tell 'em papa DormCo saved you!

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Denison University - International Student Services
100 West College Street
Granville, OH 43023

Bedding Package includes:
  • Choose Your TXL Comforter - All comfortable dorm beds start with a cozy soft to the touch comforter and all comforters are of high quality, from our Supersoft Microfiber and 300 TC Cotton to our exclusive Texture & Plush Comforters, you cannot go wrong with whatever comforter you select. (All sized 90"L for Twin XL dorm beds... no 86" comforters here!) Tough Decision?: Each Comforter image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Microfiber: With a softer than cotton feel, these super soft Microfiber comforters for college are incredibly comfortable and soft. Available as either one solid color or reversible with one color on one side and another color on the other side so you can have versatility with your dorm room decor.
    • Texture: Add a comforter with soft fabric surrounding a thick inner fill for ultimate comfort in your dorm bedding that will add gorgeous, eye catching style to your dorm room decor. From pin tucks to handcrafted details, you'll find the Extra Long Twin Comforter you need to start out your dorm room decorations here.
    • Designer: Want some extra style in your dorm room? Of course you do! Our designer Twin XL Comforters for College have fun, gorgeous patterns that will make your dorm bed part of your dorm room decorations.
    • Quilts: Choose from a variety of stylish quilts to add to your room decor while also providing you with a lightweight, but warm bedspread that will be useful for years to come.
    • 100% Cotton: You have your choice of 300 TC or 400 TC. Either way, you're going to get a silky soft natural feel of cotton that will draw heat away from your body instead of sticking to you. Which option you choose depends on your preferences - 400 TC is going to be a little softer.
    • Plush - Coma Inducer: This is the softest, most plush Twin XL College Comforter you can find. It is also the warmest and you definitely won't be cold on cool nights with this dorm bedding comforter for college on your dorm bed!
    • Luxury: Reward yourself with the thick, luxurious bedding made from the finest materials including Down fill, luxuriously cozy Bare Bottom material, and the thick and soft comfort of our Natural Loft dorm bedding. Make your dorm bed as comfortable as possible with a Luxury Comforter.
  • Choose Your TXL Sheet Set (Includes 1 Set) - Every college student needs sheets. With this package you get 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and 1 pillow case. Opt for our supersoft microfiber or upgrade to 100% cotton or plush material. All of our sheet sets are sized for Twin Extra Long Bedding and are Guaranteed to Fit! Best of all, each option is actually very nice quality, we do not put cheap or rough feeling dorm sheets as an option in our DormCo packages! Tough Decision?: Each Sheet Set image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Microfiber Supersoft: These dorm sheets match our Reversible Twin XL and Pin Tuck College Comforters. They feel softer than cotton for extra comfort that will keep you cozy every night.
    • 100% Cotton: With your choice of 300 TC, 400 TC cotton in Brushed Twill or Sateen, your dorm sheets are going to feel silky soft and will also give you the benefits of cotton - hypoallergenic, great for sensitive skin, and it will draw heat away from your body instead of trapping it in!
    • Made in Portugal: Made in Portugal with high quality cotton and one of a kind style, our Bom Dia, Saudade, and Violeta Folho Twin XL sheet sets are sure to give you luxurious dorm bedding that looks and feels amazing.
    • Me Sooo Comfy: These double layered coral fleece sheets provide an overload of comfort for your Twin XL bed. You'll be completely engulfed in luxuriously soft comfort for a quality night's sleep that will be like sleeping on a cloud.
    • Coma Inducer: These are the warmest, plushest dorm sheets. If you want to make sure you have warm and cozy college bedding these Twin XL sheets will help. Made to surround you with the most comfortable Twin XL bedding, these college sheets will be a favorite piece of essential college bedding.
    • Are You Kidding: Made of super soft coral fleece and wild plush, these bedding sheets will provide the ultimate comfort that you will want to sink into. The fitted sheet and pillowcase are made of coral fleece while the flat sheet is made of long, thick, plush strands and coral fleece.
    • Luxury: Choose from our high quality Tencel blend sheets for or our amazing Bare Bottom dorm sheets for silky softness. Surround yourself with intense comfort and softness with luxury college bedding. Your sleep is important when you are away at college, why not choose the best extra long Twin bedding?
  • Choose Your TXL Bed Blanket - What's quality dorm bedding without a bed blanket? Choose from our various fleece, plush or fiber options. No matter which blanket you choose you will not be disappointed and it will actually fit your Twin XL dorm bed. Tough Decision?: Each Blanket image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Me Sooo Comfy: Yep, you're going to be sooo comfy with this college blanket! Made of coral fleece, this dorm blanket is designed for comfort and will be great to cuddle up with while watching a movie or studying!
    • Coma Inducer: Plush dorm bedding comfort can be yours to enjoy with this one of a kind line of soft and cozy college blankets. Our Coma Inducer Twin XL bedding will help you enjoy the feeling of pure comfort on your dorm bed.
    • Baby Bird: Add a touch of comfort to your dorm room after leaving the nest. When you are in your dorm room and want to feel the soothing comfort of home, reach for a Baby Bird blanket. These incredibly soft college blankets will embrace you with amazing comfort that will leave you feeling extremely cozy in your dorm room.
  • Choose Your Bed Pillow (2 Pillows) - Where you lay your head in your college dorm room is important and for that reason our Dorm Packages let you select the dorm pillow that best suits your need. Go basic and save or upgrade and sleep in luxury! Tough Decision?: Each Pillow image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Basic: Comes in a set of two for extra comfort. These microfiber pillows will give you a comfy place to lay your head on your dorm bed.
    • Luxury Down Alternative: Filled with 27 oz. of pure comfort, these luxurious college pillows have a 330 thread count exterior to add to the comfort of your cozy Twin XL bedding. Comes in a set of two.
    • 330TC White Goose Down: Enjoy the sensational comfort of down dorm bedding with this set of two goose down college pillows. Nothing says luxury quite like down Twin XL bedding for your dorm room.
  • Choose Your Pillowcases (2-Pack) - Once you choose your comfortable college pillow to go with the rest of your dorm bedding, you'll need to add the perfect standard sized pillowcases. These supersoft dorm pillowcases come in a set of two and will add a layer of soft comfort between you and your college pillow. Choose your favorite color to properly match your extra long Twin bedding and dorm room decor.
  • Choose Your Bath Towel - You want to make sure you start college with at least one dorm bath towel. This essential college freshman package comes with a cotton bath towel in white or an assorted color. Upgrade to a 2, 3 or 4 pack for the ultimate security when it comes to having clean college bath towels on hand.
    • 6-Piece Set: Need more than just a college bath towel in your dorm room? The 6-piece Zero Twist, Quick Dry, or Super Absorb dorm towel sets come with (2) hand towels, (2) bath towels, and (2) washcloths in the color you choose.
  • Choose Your Wash Cloths - You want to make sure you have plenty of washcloths in your college supplies. Depending upon how often you use a washcloth, these dorm essentials are available in a 6 pack of assorted colors or plain white or you can upgrade to the 12 pack that comes in assorted colors. To view the wash cloths, click HERE.
Smart Items to Add on:
  • TXL Topper - The dorm bed your college gives you should be a crime, not only is it flimsy but it is uncomfortable too! Our Toppers range from your basic foam egg crate to our ultra thick and plush featherbeds and memory foam toppers. Choose the quality that fits your need and budget.Tough Decision?: Each Topper image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Egg Crate: The basic egg crate Twin XL topper has unique zones for the perfect comfort and support on your dorm bed.
    • Gel Infused Memory Foam: Available in 2" or 3", this essential dorm bedding topper is infused with gel to enhance support, this gel infused memory foam is zoned for weight dispersion and has a 2.5 lb. density for incredible support and the perfect level of cool comfort.
    • Memory Foam: 2" or 3" - Choose the option that works best for you and your dorm bed! Our Memory Foam options conform to your body, offering sink in soft comfort and support with the highest quality densities.
    • Serene Foam: 2" or 3" of Supportive Air Technology provides greater support! Serene foam reduces stress on pressure points from your dorm Twin XL mattress with the same technology to reduce the amount of heat retained.
    • Baffle Box Featherbed: This will be like sleeping on a pillow with a thick layer of feather cushioning. The baffle box construction eliminates shifting of the duck or goose feathers so you have a consistently thick and comfortable Twin XL Bed Topper.
    • Down Top Featherbed: The top section of this Twin XL Bed Topper is filled with down for comfort and softness while the bottom section is filled with feathers and a down blend for support and firmness. This duck or goose featherbed option also has baffle box construction to prevent the inner fill from shifting.
    • Coma Inducer: The names might seem funny, but the comfort our Coma Inducer Memory Foam college toppers will bring to your dorm bed is no joke. Drools A Lot, Spoon Me, and Love Your Back Twin XL bedding toppers will top your extra long Twin bed with supportive comfort that you'll love.
  • Twin XL Mattress Pad - Don't underestimate the importance of bringing a Twin extra long mattress pad with you to college. Even if your dorm bed is like new, you'll still want an extra layer between you and whoever slept on it last. This standard mattress pad is perfect for fitting underneath your Twin XL sheets and creating a barrier between you and your Twin XL sized bed.
  • Bedding Accessory - Whether you select the Pouchside Caddy, Headside Caddy, the Bed Post Shelf, or the Bedside Caddy, all of these cool dorm items are designed to bring storage space bedside. Storage space in a dorm room is a huge help and you shouldn't have to walk across the room just to grab your cell phone or turn off your alarm! Each Bedding Accessory image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Pouchside Caddy: This dorm caddy can be slung over your Twin XL bedpost for close reach of all your essentials. Your phone, water bottle, glasses and remote will all be kept close at hand and off of the floor!
    • Bedside Caddy: This college bedside storage organizer has four pockets and a drink tray and strap to keep your glasses, remote, and smartphone bedside. Plus, it is incredibly durable and made of 600D to be built to last!
    • Headside Caddy: The Headside Caddy is a multi-pocket college caddy that fits on your dorm bed. It offers an innovative yet simple means of storing essentials for college like your glasses or TV remote next to your bed. Dorm rooms lack nightstands, which is an issue our bedding accessories solve!
    • Bed Post Shelf: This dorm shelf acts like a dorm nightstand. You're going to have tray indents to hold your drink and writing utensil and will have extra space to hold your dorm alarm clock and smartphone.
All college bedding items are Twin XL, which means they fit standard dorm beds that are 80" in Length. Regardless if you have a Twin or Twin XL dorm bed it is wise to choose Twin XL bedding because it is larger and won't leave you 'short sheeted'. For instance, if you dorm bed freshmen year is Twin, but Sophomore year it is Twin XL you can use the same bedding if you chose Twin XL sized bedding. On the other hand, if freshmen year you buy twin bedding and then find out Sophomore year you have a Twin XL bed then you'll be re-buying all your dorm bedding because twin will be too short. In college bedding it is always safe and smart to opt for TWIN XL aka Extra Long Twin Bedding.

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