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Fusion Coral/Calm Mint Reversible College Comforter - Twin XL
Fusion Coral/Calm Mint Reversible College Comforter - Twin XL Bedding Dorm Essentials Dorm Bedding


Fusion Coral/Calm Mint Reversible College Comforter - Twin XL

Top Features include:
  • True TWIN XL Comforter! 90" Long!! College Dorm Bedding
  • Soft to the touch Brushed Microfiber - High Quality College-Ave brand College Comforter
  • Reverses from Coral to Calm Mint
  • End to End Box Construction prevents thick interior fill from shifting
  • Coral Color is a unique fusion of orange and pink and depending on lighting can appear more pink or orange for great design possibilities.

Retail Price $49.99
Student Discount Price $36.94
You Save: $13.05

Dorm Co. Tip: Cheap dorm essentials don't have to be cheap!
Dimensions: 68" x 90" Comforter / TXL

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: 90RMC280-TXL-FCCM

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Your Twin XL comforter is the centerpiece of your college dorm room. This dorm essentials item is the focal point and where your friends' eyes will be drawn when they walk into your dorm room. You may not want to stick with just one color or style for your dorm Twin XL Comforter, however. You may want some more versatility that will in turn allow you to change up the rest of your dorm room decorations for a fresh look. For versatile style in your dorm bedding, add our Fusion Coral/Calm Mint Reversible College Comforter - Twin XL.

Our Fusion Coral/Calm Mint Reversible Extra Long Twin Comforter features light mint on one side while the other is a unique fusion blend of orange and pink that is our fusion coral. Depending on the lighting, the pink may be highlighted more or the orange may be highlighted more, allowing you plenty more design opportunities. Other than plenty of design opportunities, you're also getting incredible comfort from this college supplies item. Made of incredibly soft brushed microfiber, you'll feel the stress melt away from you when you curl up in your dorm bed for sleeping or napping. This Twin XL Comforter for college is also a reliable Comforter Twin XL. The end to end box construction prevents the inner fill from shifting around so you have a consistently thick and comfortable Twin XL College Comforter.

Why Twin XL Sheets?
Want to be prepared for college? Of course you do. To be prepared for college, you want to make sure you have enough of the dorm essentials you need and then some. One of those dorm essentials you want to make sure you have plenty of is your Twin XL Sheets. You don't want to go to college with just the set of dorm sheets you're placing on your dorm bed. Should you not be able to wash your laundry right away and you really wanted some fresh Twin XL Sheets, you can simply change your dorm sheets to your fresh set and worry about laundry another day when you're less busy studying for finals.

Why Extra Pillowcases?
College pillowcases need to be changed frequently. Face oils and hair product transfer onto your college pillowcase and then get transferred back to your skin, either irritating sensitive skin or clogging your pores and causing breakouts. Of course, you don't want to wash laundry frequently just for a small college pillowcase. Keep a few of these college supplies handy and you'll be able to change your dorm pillowcase as often as you wish without making a trek to the dorm laundry room.

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