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Full/Full XL Size - UWYO Top 11 Dorm Bedding Necessities Package - The Premium
Full/Full XL Size - UWYO Top 11 Dorm Bedding Necessities Package - The Premium


Full/Full XL Size - UWYO Top 11 Dorm Bedding Necessities Package - The Premium

Top Features include:
  • 11 Piece Dorm Bedding Package
  • Gets your dorm bed fully set for your home away from home
  • Includes: Full/Full XL Comforter, Full 4PC Sheet Set, Full Topper, Full Mattress Pad, Underbed Storage, Full Mattress Encasement, Pillow, and Bedding Accessory
  • All size Full to fit Dorm Full/Full XL Beds

Student Discount Price $124.55

Dorm Co. Tip: Package Sets SAVE $$$
Dimensions: FULL/FULL XL SIZE College Package

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: FULLPK-TOP11-UWYO

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We call this UWYO dorm bedding package The Premium package because it not only has everything required to make your full size or XL dorm bedding comfortable and complete, it has some added bedding accessories that make your dorm bed the ultimate sleep zone and more convenient for college life. Comfort comes first, and with a great Full/Full XL comforter for college, a set of Full size sheets, and a size Full bed topper, you'll have the main ingredients of a great night's sleep.

But of course this bedding package goes beyond that! You'll not only have the comfiest Full size college bedding with this kit, you'll also have the most complete dorm bedding. After taking care of the basics like sheets for college and a great dorm comforter, this kit includes a mattress encasement, which is just what's needed to seal off that old school provided mattress. You'll also have several great pillows from which to choose. Pillows are bedding essentials for college, or for all bedding for that matter!

Since this bedding kit comes with so many dorm items, you might need some extra storage for when certain bedding supplies aren't in use—that's why this kit includes an underbed storage container. Whether it's for extra dorm bedding, shoes or clothes - all that space under your bed is perfect for saving space in small dorm rooms. There's also the option in this essential package for a college bedding accessory. Dorm beds aren't always the most convenient setups. For example, if you have a top bunk then you're lacking a nightstand or any bedside shelf. Try adding any one of our bedside shelves or attachable pockets to make bedside storage much more convenient. Who knew that you should strive for your dorm bedding to not just be comfortable but convenient too? With this college bedding kit, it can be both.

Full/Full XL Bedding Package Includes:
  • Full/Full XL Comforter - All comfortable dorm beds start with a cozy soft-to-the-touch college comforter and all comforters are of high quality. From our Supersoft Microfiber and Cotton to our EXCLUSIVE Designer Comforters, Textured Comforters and Quilts & Luxury Comforters, you cannot go wrong with whichever quality Full/Full XL comforter you select. (All sized 90" Long for Full/Full XL dorm beds)
    • Supersoft Microfiber: These reversible Full/Full XL comforters allow you to choose between a solid color, or a mix of two colors for the perfect style on your dorm bed. These soft microfiber college comforters will also add extra comfort to your cozy dorm bedding.
    • Textured: Increase the style of your decorative college bedding with one of our unique textured dorm comforters! These Full/Full XL bedding essentials let you choose a truly one of a kind look for your dorm bed. Just pick the style and color you want for your college decor, no matter what you choose, these Full/Full XL textured comforters will also cover your Full/Full XL sized bed in soft comfort.
    • Designer: A little design on your dorm bed can go a long way! Choose a designer Full/Full XL comforter to upgrade the style of your fashionable dorm bedding. It also doesn't hurt that these stylish college comforters are made with cozy materials to make sure you are covered in warmth and comfort when it is time for bed.
    • Quilts: Not everyone requires a thick dorm comforter to keep warm at bedtime. If you are looking for more lightweight comfort, one of these college quilts will be perfect for you! Sized to fit a Full/Full XL bed, these stylish and cozy dorm quilts will provide the perfect layer of comfort for those that tend to sleep warm.
    • Portugal: Portugal made Full/Full XL bedding will provide your dorm bed with high quality comfort and one of a kind style. Our Rustica Portugal dorm quilts or the Leixoes Textura dorm duvet cover will cover your Full/Full XL size bed in high quality cotton and unique style that will give you high end dorm bedding.
    • 100% Cotton: Choose 100% cotton for breathable and cozy college bedding. These soft cotton college comforters will not only add comfort to your dorm bed, but the easy to match color choices will also allow you to tie in your decorative dorm bedding with the rest of your college decor.
    • Luxury: College life can keep you plenty busy, treat yourself to a little extra comfort in your dorm room after a long day. A luxury Full/Full XL comforter will make it easy to unwind when it is time for bed. Whether you choose our Tencel, 230 Thread Count Duck Down, or 330 Thread Count Goose Down Full/Full XL comforters, you better believe you'll be covering yourself in luxurious comfort on your dorm bed every night. Enjoy the best in dorm bedding comfort with such high quality college comforter options.
  • Full 4PC Sheet Set (1 Set) - Every college student needs sheets. With this package you get a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases. Opt for our super-soft microfiber or upgrade to cotton or luxury versions. All are sized for Full Bedding and are guaranteed to fit! Best of all, each option is actually very nice quality, we don't offer cheap or rough-feeling dorm sheets! Some options are also available in true Full XL size for extra large Full dorm beds.
    • Microfiber: Available in a variety of colors to best match your Full/Full XL bedding and your dorm decor, these college sheets are an easy choice for any dorm room. And since they are made with cozy microfiber, each piece in this essential dorm sheet set will provide extra comfort to your Full/Full XL sized bed.
    • Cotton: Choose between our 100% cotton options or our incredibly stylish and high quality Portugal Full/Full XL sheet sets. The 100% cotton dorm sheets will provide a breathable comfort, while the Portugal made Saudade, Bom Dia, and Violeta Folho options use their high quality cotton construction and unique style to make your Full/Full XL bedding one of a kind!
    • Me Sooo Comfy®: Add plush college sheets to your dorm bed for ultimate comfort. Each piece in this Full/Full XL sheet set will surround you with ultra cozy dorm bedding that will make you obsessed with your Full/Full XL sized bed. Available in unique colors so not only will your dorm bed feel incredible, it will look amazing too!
    • Coma Inducer®: Ultimate comfort on your Full/Full XL bed can be yours with must have Coma Inducer dorm bedding sheets. The plush feel and soft comfort that is added to your dorm bed with Coma Inducer college sheets will make you obsessed with your Full/Full XL bedding. These durable Full/Full XL sheets will surround you with the most comfortable dorm bedding imaginable.
    • Luxury: Really spoil yourself with our Top Selling Bare Bottom dorm sheets or luxury Tencel (available in Full or Full XL size) or Bamboo college sheets. Tencel or Bamboo Full sheets will provide you with super soft comfort, and our one of a kind Bare Bottom Full sheets will add such amazing comfort to your dorm bed you'll have to feel it to believe it! Such intense comfort make these luxury college sheet options the perfect choice for any Full sized bed.
  • Full Bed Topper - The dorm bed your college gives you should be a crime, not only is it flimsy it's uncomfortable too! Our college Toppers range from your basic foam egg crate to our ultra thick and plush featherbeds and memory foam toppers. Choose the quality that fits your need and budget.
    • Basic Egg Crate: Each dorm package comes with this basic egg crate Full topper, unless you upgrade to one of our enhanced options. Add this Full bedding topper (or the Full XL option) to your dorm bed for a nice layer of comfort and support.
    • Fiberbed: This Full size college mattress topper will provide even more comfort and support to your dorm bed. Made with comfortable college bedding materials to provide the best comfort, this Full bed topper is a great choice for any dorm room!
    • Memory Foam: You can never go wrong with a Memory Foam dorm bed topper! Choose between 2" or 4" of thick Memory Foam support for your Full bed! Memory Foam college bed toppers provide you with personalized comfort and support that will alleviate the stress that is placed on pressure points when you sleep, allowing for a great night's sleep.
    • Gel-Infused: All the comfort of a Memory Foam Full topper with extra comfort thrown in! This 3" gel-infused memory foam dorm bedding topper also has a unique construction that allows for better airflow on your Full bed, which equals a cooler night's sleep.
    • Featherbed: Available in Full and Full XL sizes, choose between our Bafflebox option to ensure the down fill doesn't shift, or the Down-Top option for optimal comfort. These duck or goose down Full/Full XL dorm bed toppers will provide your college bedding with incredible comfort that is an essential addition to your Full/Full XL bed.
    • Coma Inducer®: Available in Full XL for your true Full extra large bed. As soon as you feel the amazing comfort that these memory foam dorm bed toppers provide, the Spoon Me, Love Your Back, and Ultimate Sleep titles start to make a whole lot of sense. These high quality Memory Foam Full XL bedding toppers will provide the perfect amount of comfort and support on your extra large Full dorm bed.
  • Full Mattress Pad - Get some added padding for your dorm bedding and most importantly fully cover the university dorm mattress that has been used for way too many years! You can choose from the basic, get the job done mattress pad, or upgrade to waterproof or our other specialized Full of Full XL mattress pads.
    • Classic Anchor Band: This essential college mattress pad is made with anchor bands to keep it in place on your dorm bed. Upgrade to the fitted style for extra security or the 100% Cotton Top option for extra comfortable Full bedding.
    • Waterproof: Different options, but with the same waterproof protection and sound proof construction. Messes can happen when drinking on your dorm bed, but these waterproof Full/Full XL mattress pads have you covered! Go for the anchor band option for basic protection, the Terry Cloth dorm mattress pad that has a cotton/polyester blend top, the Cozy Plush Jacquard version for high quality polyester comfort and protection or the Perma-Dry Full/Full XL mattress pad for 3 layers of protection.
    • Anti-Bacterial: Let's face it, dorm beds can be a little gross, which makes a protective college mattress pad an essential dorm supply. This unique Full or Full XL mattress pad has a cozy inner fill that is treated with an anti-bacterial treatment that will add even more protection between you and your old dorm bed.
    • 100% Cotton: This all around cotton dorm mattress pad is the perfect choice for those college students that love the comfy and breathable feeling of cotton college bedding. Available in Full or Full XL sizes, this 100% cotton college mattress pad will provide a great amount of comfort to your Full/Full XL sized bed.
    • Pure Plush: The name of this essential Full/Full XL mattress pad says it all! This plush dorm mattress pad, filled with shredded Memory Foam and Support Foam, will provide you with pure comfort. This cozy college mattress pad will add the perfect amount of comfort and protection on top of your dorm mattress.
    • Featherbed: This Full size mattress pad will help add luxurious comfort to your dorm bed while it protects you from your college mattress. Constructed to minimize inner fill shifting while providing luxurious comfort to your Full bed, this dorm mattress pad is the ultimate when it comes to essential college bedding.
  • Underbed Storage - All that storage space under your dorm bed shouldn't go to waste. Whether you're storing shoes, clothes, or other college supplies, our underbed storage containers keep your stuff for college organized and out of the way.
    • TUSK Jumbo Zippered Blanket Bag: Have some extra Full or Full XL bedding essentials that need a home? Easily store them underneath your dorm bed with these college blanket bags! Made with the durable construction of TUSK dorm products, these zippered dorm blanket bags are a college essential.
    • TUSK Underbed Shoe Holder: Easily find a place for your shoes underneath your dorm bed with this college shoe holder! Made with different compartments to separate your shoes, you can quickly grab just what you need underneath your Full or Full XL sized bed.
  • Full/Full XL Encasement - A Full or Full XL size mattress encasement seals off that old, possibly stinky college mattress from the rest of your dorm bedding. You don't want those college bedding supplies to pick up any scents, do you? Gross! Keep that dorm mattress closed up. You can also opt for a waterproof encasement, or even a bed bug-proof encasement, which will leave you safe rather than sorry should an unpleasant swarm of bed bugs move in.
    • Fitted Vinyl Cover: This dorm mattress cover will provide a basic layer of protection between your college bedding and your Full or Full XL mattress. This waterproof college mattress cover will also help prevent the growth of mold, mildew, or fungi on your dorm mattress.
    • Zippered Vinyl Encasement: The same benefits of the Fitted Vinyl Cover, but with more protection! This essential college mattress encasement comes with a zippered closure, so you can completely seal your Full or Full XL mattress inside.
    • Waterproof Defense: Damaging your dorm mattress is not a good idea. But with our one of a kind Waterproof Defense Mattress Protector, you won't have to worry about quenching your thirst when you are lounging on your Full or Full XL sized bed. This sound-free waterproof college mattress protector is also machine washable, just in case you do happen to spill on your dorm bed.
    • Tencel Encasement: Made with 100% Natural Eucalyptus Based Fiber for pure comfort and protection. This must have Full/Full XL mattress encasement is perfect for college students that suffer from allergies, letting you enjoy a good night's sleep while adding a layer of protection to your dorm bedding.
    • Waterproof Zippered Bed Bug Proof: This one of a kind college mattress encasement packs a one-two punch when it comes to dorm bedding protection! Made to protect you from your old dorm mattress as well as any unwelcome bug visitors, this essential dorm mattress encasement will also protect your Full/Full XL sized bed from any liquid based messes.
    • Anti-Everything: Our Anti-Everything is a waterproof and bed bug proof Full/Full XL mattress encasement that is crucial for your dorm room. This machine washable college mattress encasement comes with a zippered closure to completely seal your dorm mattress. Made to repel bed bugs and spills, this dorm mattress encasement is perfect for keeping you and your Full/Full XL mattress safe.
  • Pillow - Where you lay your head is important and for that reason our Dorm Packages let you select the dorm pillow that best suits your needs. Go basic and save or upgrade and sleep in luxury!
    • Basic Essential: This basic college pillow is still an essential Full or Full XL bedding accessory. Providing great head and neck support, this microfiber pillow will help you get comfy on your dorm bed.
    • Luxury Down Alternative: Looking for a microfiber dorm pillow with a little more comfort? Look no further! This microfiber college pillow is made with a soft cotton exterior to provide you with even more comfort for your soft Full/Full XL bedding.
    • 300 TC White Goose Down: If you want ultimate comfort on your dorm bed, you won't want to forget about adding a luxurious college pillow. Goose down Full/Full XL bedding is an easy way to make your college bedding extra cozy. This luxury dorm pillow will help you to easily fall asleep.
  • Bedding Accessory - All dorm beds need an accessory to make it more function friendly. This package includes the Pouchside Caddy, but if you want to keep your items bedside on a shelf, choose our Bed Post Shelf. If you would rather keep your items bedside in pockets then choose our Headside Caddy or Bedside Storage Caddy. Remember, if you are up high in a bunk or lofted Full/Full XL bed you especially won't be able to have a bedside table, so our dorm bedding accessory pockets or shelves become a true necessity.

**All items are Full Size, which means they fit standard full beds that are 74" in Length**

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