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Full/Full XL Size - Prepared to Leave Home Pack
Full/Full XL Size - Prepared to Leave Home Pack Dorm Essentials Package


Full/Full XL Size - Prepared to Leave Home Pack

Top Features include:
  • 30 Item Dorm Bedding Package - Gives you the Basic Necessities & then some!
  • Includes your complete Full/Full XL Bedding Set, Accessories, Bath, Storage, Laundry & More
  • Dorm Packages give you full a la carte - Upgrade where you want & save where you need to!!
  • Packages save you $$$ because you are buying in BULK
Retail Price $237.64
Student Discount Price $199.94
You Save: $37.70

Dorm Co. Tip: Package Sets SAVE $$$
Dimensions: FULL/FULL XL SIZE College Package

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: BUCK2-DCDP2

Choose Your Full/Full XL Comforter

Choose Your Full/Full XL Sheets (2 Sets)

Choose Your Full Sheets (2 Sets)*:

Choose Your Full/Full XL Topper

Choose Your Full Topper*:

Choose Your Full/Full XL Blanket

Choose Your Full/Full XL Mattress Pad

Choose Your Full Mattress Pad*:

Choose Your Pillows (2 units)

Choose Your Extra Pillowcase Set

Choose Your Bedding Accessory

Choose Your Hamper / Laundry Bag

Choose Your Bath Towels

Choose Your Wash Cloth Set

Package Contains: Shower Loofah

Full/Full XL Size - Prepared to Leave Home Pack

When choosing your college dorm bedding we know it can be a bit overwhelming, not to mention expensive and for those two reasons we have put together our WILDLY POPULAR "College Dorm Packages". Most colleges have Twin XL sized beds for which we specialize in and mostly offer. However, some colleges and universities are shifting towards larger sized beds and for that reason, we are offering our Full/Full XL Size - Prepared to Leave Home Pack. Your favorite Twin XL bedding is now offered in Full/Full XL!

Our Dorm Packages are a great way to get everything you need and save a ton of $$$ in the process. Test us out. Locate each item separately, add up the shopping cart and you'll see our Package Savings are nothing to sneeze at. How do we do it? For starters, DormCo is a wholesale provider of dorm stuff, which means we manufacturer most of the items you see here and because we produce it we can offer a bulk savings for bulk purchases (packages) on our already crazy low prices.

So when you choose DormCo for all your college bedding we give you a bulk wholesale price... Why you ask? ... Because we are good people? Yes.... well Maybe... but we also want you to brag about how you saved at DormCo. It's always fun to brag about how cheap you got something and what a great deal you found. Tell 'em DormCo saved you tons!

Bedding Package includes:
  • Choose Your Full/Full XL Comforter - All comfortable dorm beds start with a cozy soft-to-the-touch comforter and all comforters are of high quality, from our Supersoft Microfiber and 100% Cotton to our EXCLUSIVE Designer, Textured Comforters and Quilts & Luxury Comforters, you cannot go wrong with whichever Full size comforter you select. (All sized 90"L for Full/Full XL dorm beds)
    • Supersoft Microfiber: These reversible college comforters are just what you need to upgrade the comfort of your dorm bed. The soft microfiber and comfy inner fill will keep you nice and cozy in your dorm room. And, since you can pick the color Full/Full XL comforter you want, you can easily match your dorm bedding with your college decor!
    • Textured: Pin tucks, ruffles, waves...these textured Full/Full XL comforters will help add a unique look to your college bedding decor! No matter which of these stylish dorm comforters you choose, you'll also get the benefit of soft and cozy Full/Full XL bedding.
    • Designer: Looking for a college comforter that has a unique print on it to guarantee that your Full/Full XL bedding makes an impact on your dorm room decor? Our designer Full/Full XL comforters have their own style, which will help you show off yours! These essential college bedding supplies are also made with comfy materials to ensure you have super soft dorm bedding.
    • Quilts: Full/Full XL Quilts are the perfect addition to your dorm bed if you are looking for a lighter form of comfort. Our lightweight dorm quilts will add a nice layer of comfort to your cozy college bedding. Just choose the style and color you want to make your Full/Full XL bedding and your college decor complete!
    • Portugal: Dorm quilts that have been made in Portugal are constructed with high quality material and one of a kind style. Our Rustica Portugal and Leixoes Textura Full/Full XL quilts are made in Portugal with the finest quality cotton to keep you soft comfort and a beautiful style that is sure to make your Full/Full XL sized bed the center of attention in your dorm room.
    • 100% Cotton: College bedding that is made with 100% cotton will provide you with cozy dorm comfort that is breathable. These comfy 100% cotton Full/Full XL comforters will provide you with this high level of comfort, just choose the color that works best with your dorm decor!
    • Luxury: Go ahead, splurge a little when it comes to your dorm comforter! Sleep is essential when you are away at college, and a luxuriously soft and cozy Full/Full XL college comforter will help you get the perfect night's sleep. Choose between our Tencel Full/Full XL comforter or the duck or goose down college comforters for the ultimate comfort.
  • Choose Your Full Sheet Set (Includes 2 Sets) - Every college student needs sheets and every student needs 2 sets (one on the bed and a back-up to reduce how often you have to do laundry). With this package you get 2 fitted sheets, 2 flat sheets & 4 pillowcases. A Total of 8 college bedding sheet pieces! Opt for our Supersoft microfiber or upgrade to cotton, XL, plush, or luxury! All are sized for Full/Full XL Beds and are Guaranteed to Fit! Best of all, each option is great quality, we do not put cheap or rough feeling dorm sheets as an option in our DormCo packages!
    • Microfiber: Made with one of the softest dorm bedding materials around, this comfy microfiber Full sheet set is a must have for your dorm bed. Choose the color that best matches your college decor and you'll be all set to add the fitted Full sheet, oversized Full flat sheet and 2 pillowcases. Upgrade to Full XL only if your dorm provides a true Full XL size bed.
    • Cotton: Full sized cotton sheets are perfect for breathable comfort and an incredibly soft feel for your dorm bed. Choose between our 100% cotton college sheets or our incredible made in Portugal dorm sheet sets. The Violeta Folho, Saudade, and Bom Dia Full Portugal made sheets are designed with unique style and constructed with the finest quality cotton around! Choose the Full XL options for your extra large Full bed.
    • Me Sooo Comfy: You'll definitely feel oh so comfy when you add these amazing Full sheets to your dorm bed! Available in a variety of colors so you can start your dorm bedding decor off right, this soft plush college sheet set features a fitted Full sheet, a Full oversize flat sheet, and (2) dorm pillowcases that will add such incredible comfort to your Full sized bed. The awesome comfort of these college sheets is also available in a true Full XL size!
    • Coma Inducer: If you want dorm bedding comfort, you want Coma Inducer Full size sheets. Made with your comfort in mind so you can enjoy a deep and restful sleep, our Coma Inducer dorm sheets are just what you need to surround yourself with the ultimate Full bedding comfort. And if you have a Full extra large dorm bed, no need to worry, these must have college sheets are available in a Full XL size too!
    • Luxury: You'll be lying on your dorm sheets every night, and if you use your top flat Full sheet, you'll be completely surrounded, all the more reason to upgrade your Full bedding to luxury! Whether you choose our luxuriously cozy Tencel (available in Full or Full XL) or Bamboo dorm sheets or our Top Selling Bare Bottom college sheets that are made with a one of a kind material that will feel so incredibly comfy, you'll be obsessed with the comfort of your college bedding.
  • Choose Your Full Topper - The dorm mattress your college provides should be a crime, not only is it flimsy but it is uncomfortable too! Our Full/Full XL Toppers range from your basic foam egg crate to our ultra thick and plush featherbeds and memory foam toppers. Choose the quality that fits your needs and budget!
    • Basic Egg Crate: This Full bedding topper will provide the basic necessity of comfortable and supportive dorm bedding. Make sure the comfort of your soft college bedding isn't negated with a flimsy dorm bed, add this Full egg crate topper to add even more comfort to your Full bedding. Also available in Full XL/Queen size.
    • Fiberbed: Looking for a little more support and comfort on your dorm bed? Who could blame you? Upgrade to our cozy Full Fiberbed for essential comfort that will provide a nice layer of coziness between you and your Full size bed.
    • Memory Foam: Choose between 2" or 4" of thick memory foam comfort for your dorm bed. This Full sized memory foam college bedding topper will provide you with personal comfort and support that will help relieve the stress that is placed on pressure points as you sleep.
    • Gel-Infused: Combine the comfort of a Memory Foam Full bedding topper with the advanced technology of a gel-infused dorm topper for the best in college bedding comfort. This 3" gel-infused dorm bedding topper will give you all of the benefits of supportive college memory foam with the added benefit of Active Airflow Technology, that will give you a cooler night's sleep.
    • Featherbed: Add luxurious comfort to your dorm bed with a unique Full goose or duck down featherbed. Choose between our Bafflebox featherbed or the Down-Top featherbed, both are designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort when you are lounging on your Full bed. These college toppers are available to fit both Full and Full XL sized dorm beds!
    • Coma Inducer: Available in Full XL, these essential dorm toppers might have funny names, but the comfort and support they provide to your extra large Full bed is no joke! Love Your Back, Spoon Me, and Ultimate Sleep are all highly appropriate names for these comfortable Full XL bedding toppers. Made with Memory Foam to give you the best comfort and support on your dorm bed that you could hope for!
  • Choose Your Full/Full XL Bed Blanket - What's quality dorm bedding without a bed blanket? Choose from our various fleece or plush options. No matter which blanket you choose you will not be disappointed and it will actually fit your Full/Full XL dorm bed.
    • Me Sooo Comfy®: The name of this college blanket really does say it all! You can add incredible comfort to your Full bed with a Me Sooo Comfy® dorm blanket! These plush Full blankets are made with a coral fleece material that allows you to wrap yourself up in soft comfort whenever you need to get cozy. Choose from a variety of colors to help tie together the look of your decorative college bedding and your stylish dorm decor.
    • Coma Inducer®: Adding the right dorm blanket to your Full bedding can help you achieve a great night's sleep. And what could help you better relax and fall asleep than our Coma Inducer college blankets? Choose the color that best fits your dorm room and enjoy the amazing comfort that comes with one of these super soft and plush Full blankets!
    • Baby Bird®: Leaving the nest can be scary, but with an essential soft and cozy college blanket with you, you'll have crucial comfort in your corner when you move into your dorm room. Our plush Baby Bird® Full blankets will provide you with soothing comfort that will help you unwind and forget the pressures of college life when you wrap yourself up in its awesome comfort.
  • Choose Your Full Mattress Pad - Get some added padding for your dorm bedding and most importantly fully cover the university dorm mattress that has been used for way too many years! You can choose from the basic, get the job done mattress pad, or upgrade to the waterproof, Anti-Bacterial, or featherbed versions. Options also available in Full XL size to properly fit your dorm bed.
    • Classic Anchor Band: A dorm mattress pad is essential for providing an extra layer of protection and comfort between you and your Full size bed. This classic college mattress pad features anchor bands to secure it to your dorm bed. Upgrade to the 100% Cotton Top version for even more comfort. USA Made Full mattress pads also come in a standard style that is fitted to make sure there is no movement of your college mattress pad when you move around on your dorm bed.
    • Waterproof: When hanging out in your dorm room you'll most likely have a drink on hand, even when you are lounging on your Full size bed. Don't damage your college mattress, add a waterproof dorm mattress pad to your essential Full bedding! Waterproof dorm mattress pads are available in an anchor band style, our Terry Cloth Full mattress pad version which is made with a cotton and polyester top, Cozy Plush Jacquard is made with 100% polyester, and our Perma-Dry college mattress pad is made with a three layer barrier that provides breathable comfort and protection. No matter which option you choose, these waterproof Full mattress pads will provide you with necessary protection and are sound-free, so you won't hear any rustling when you move around on your Full bed.
    • Anti-Bacterial: Try not to think about it, but your dorm bed was used before you moved in. Relieve any anxiety that might make you feel with our Anti-Bacterial college mattress pad! This fitted Full mattress pad is made with a down alternative fill and a soft microfiber top for amazing comfort. The inner fill has an anti-bacterial treatment to give you peace of mind when you are lounging on your dorm bed.
    • 100% Cotton Fill: For those that love the feeling and breathable comfort of cotton. This Full mattress pad will add a protective layer of college bedding between you and your dorm bed that will also add the comfort of cozy cotton.
    • Pure Plush: Designed to properly fit your Full bed, this must have college mattress pad is made with your comfort in mind. Soft 100% cotton on the front and back, this dorm mattress pad also includes an inner fill of shredded Memory Foam and Support Foam for the best in Full bedding comfort.
    • Featherbed: Lounge in luxury on your dorm bed with a Full featherbed mattress pad. Featherbed college mattress pads will make it easy to settle in for the night on your Full sized bed. Constructed to fit over your dorm bed for the ultimate comfort and protection.
  • Choose Your Bed Pillow (Includes 2 Pillows) - Where you lay your head is important and for that reason our Dorm Packages let you select the pillow that best suits your need. Go basic and save or upgrade and sleep in luxury! Tough Decision?: Each Pillow image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
    • Basic Microfiber: This essential college pillow will add soft microfiber comfort to the head of your dorm bed. This essential dorm pillow will provide great head and neck support.
    • Luxury Down Alternative: Who wouldn't love the comfort that a luxury dorm pillow will add to your Full bed? This microfiber college pillow is surrounded with cozy cotton for the best comfort for such an essential Full bedding accessory.
    • 330 TC White Goose Down: Lay your head on top of incredible luxury comfort! This goose down dorm pillow is stuffed with high quality goose feathers and encased in a soft cotton shell. Everything about this luxury college pillow screams comfort!
  • Extra Pillow Cases (2-Pack) - Let's face it, college students hate to do the wash. In order to avoid having a nasty pillow our Full/Full XL Dorm Package provides two additional pillow cases. These pillow cases will buy you a few more weeks before you'll have to do the wash due to being out of clean underwear. Choose the color you need to match the rest of your Full college bedding!
  • Choose Your Bedding Accessory - All dorm beds need an accessory to make it more function friendly. If you want to keep your items bedside on a shelf, choose our Bed Post Shelf. If you would prefer to keep your items bedside in pockets choose our Pouchside Caddy, Headside Caddy or TUSK Bedside Storage Caddy. Remember, if you are up high in a bunk or lofted dorm bed you especially won't be able to have a bedside table. For this reason our college bedding accessory pockets or shelves become a true necessity. Tough Decision?: Each Bedding Accessory image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE.
  • Choose Your Hamper/Laundry Bag - Every college student needs a place for their dirty laundry for storage and easy transport to the dorm laundry room. Choose from a variety of options including our beyond durable TUSK Super Jumbo Laundry Bag, TUSK Laundry Backpack, and our one of a kind Gomie! Tough Decision?: Each Laundry Bag and Hamper image & write-up can be found by clicking HERE and HERE.
    • Super Jumbo: Perfect for the procrastinating (or super busy) college student! Made with durable material and a jumbo size to hold a large amount of dirty clothes.
    • Oversized Laundry Duffel Bag: Everything about this black canvas college laundry bag is designed around making laundry easy for the average college student. A zippered top can help seal away any stinky smells from dirty laundry, the dual handles and shoulder straps will make it easy to carry any way you want, and there is even a convenient pocket for dryer sheets and other dorm laundry accessories.
    • Zip Zag: This dorm laundry bag has a unique construction when it comes to its strap to make transporting your dirty clothes from your dorm room to the college laundry room incredibly easy. The zippered strap of this black college laundry bag makes it easy to customize the carrying style of this durable dorm laundry item, and a drawstring opening makes it easy to close in your dirty laundry.
    • Laundry Backpack: This TUSK college product makes it easy to transport your dirty laundry from your dorm room to the college laundry room. Just hitch this durable dorm laundry backpack over your shoulder and away you go! Use the outside pocket for your dryer sheets and other small college laundry accessories.
    • Gomie: Our Gomie - Duffle Laundry Bag with Wheels has everything you need to make laundry day a breeze. This essential wheeled dorm laundry bag comes with a handle for easy transport, and with two heavy duty zippered openings, you don't have to worry about your dirty laundry spilling out all over campus when you are heading to your college laundry room. Ease of transport and a highly durable construction make this wheeled college laundry bag an essential college supply!
  • Choose Your Bath Towel - You can't go wrong with having a few dorm bath towels in your college supplies. There may be times you can't or don't want to wash your laundry, after all. Each dorm package comes with two 100% cotton bath towels or you can choose the three or four pack options for even more essential dorm bath towels! Available in white or assorted colors.
    • 6-Piece Set: Get everything you need to stay clean and dry in one essential college set! These 6-piece dorm towel sets include (2) bath towels, (2) hand towels, and (2) washcloths. Choose Super Absorb for extra absorbent college towels, Zero Twist for lightweight yet thick, twist free dorm towels, or our Quick Dry option, which provides essential college dorm towels that are highly absorbent and also are quick to dry.
  • Wash Cloth Set - Trying to use your bath towel for all your drying needs means it'll always be wet, and it isn't practical when you just want to wash your face. A 6-pack of college washcloths will make keeping your face clean easy, just choose between white or assorted when it comes to the color of these essential dorm supplies! Upgrade to the 12-pack assorted for even more soft cotton dorm washcloths.
  • Shower Loofah (3-Pack) - Loofahs are a must for dorm life. To start, they are easily reusable, so no need to worry about replacing them after every wash, and with a 3-pack you'll have extras on hand! They can also be better than a wet washcloth when it comes to transporting everything back to your dorm room. Where washcloths can still hold a lot of water, the design of a loofah makes it less likely to totally soak the rest of your shower essentials.

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