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Cool Touch Microwavable Bowl
Cool Touch Microwavable Bowl Dorm cooking accessory


Cool Touch Microwavable Bowl

Top features include:

  • Cook up your Ramen Noodles or Soup, without burning your hands
  • Dorm microwave cooking accessory
  • Unique, easy to hold handle
  • 3 piece set - Microwave Safe bowl
Retail Price $19.47
Student Discount Price $12.93
You Save: $6.54
Dorm Co. Tip: Eating healthy in college is an uphill battle

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: Q3-2-6-JB5655

Picture this, you can't wait to eat your fifth bowl of Ramen Noodles this week, so you quickly grab the bowl out of the microwave the moment the timer beeps. Mistake! You may really like Ramen Noodles or Chicken Noodle soup, but there's no way you can like it so much that you're willing to burn your hands taking it out of the microwave. But if you don't like to wait to eat your soup in your dorm room, then our Cool Touch Microwavable Bowl needs to be added to your college cooking supplies. Well, a bowl you stick into the microwave for 2 minutes may not be a "dorm cooking supply," but it's still an important college supply to have for when you get sick of cafeteria food. And trust us, after months of eating college cafeteria food, a bowl of soup will be more appetizing than ever.
If you don't have a microwave in your college dorm room, then the convenient handle on our Cool Touch Bowl will be even more useful. Most dorm buildings have a community microwave on each floor, so even if you're not bringing your own, our Cool Touch Bowl will still be a useful dorm accessory for you. When it comes time for you to move off campus to an apartment or house, our bowl will be an even more important accessory to have in your kitchen. If you're going to be microwaving meals and snacks in your dorm room when you have a meal plan, just think of how much more you'll be using the microwave off campus! Needless to say, a bowl that is made for microwaving is essentially made for college. So come to college prepared for late nights, and lots of Ramen with our Cool Touch dorm bowl.

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