Do I REALLY Need More Furniture In My Dorm Room? Yak About It® Says Yes!

When you toured your college campus, they probably showed you their college dorm rooms that were perfectly put-together and styled by a professional interior designed. Unfortunately, this can create some confusion among incoming freshmen, as they may expect that their dorm rooms will have all the extra amenities and features that they were shown. In fact, freshmen dorm halls are typically feature older, smaller, dorms, with limited furnishings. That is why it is always important to check with your university what your dorm assignment is, and what will actually be included in your college-provided dorm setup. Most dorms do have a bed frame, a very simple desk and chair, and maybe a dresser for your clothes. This comes as a surprise to some new college students, but it's better that you learn this now instead of on move-in day, so you can show up prepared with some extra dorm furniture to complete your dorm room setup. If you want all your college furniture to match, choosing some wooden dorm accessories is a must! Our Yak About It® dorm furniture was designed by our Dorm Experts to suit your hectic college lifestyle and look great in any college dorm room. Read on below for our top selling Yak About It® dorm furniture that will complete your dorm packing checklist!
1: Extra Depth Cube Dorm Desk Bookshelf. If there's one dorm furniture piece that every college student should consider, regardless of how much other furniture is in their dorm room, it's a college desk hutch. Having some extra shelving over your dorm room desk is essential if you plan on having a place for your textbooks, notebooks, pens, post-it notes, and other college studying accessories. Clutter and disorganization can quickly take over your desk if you don't have any extra shelving, and this is the opposite of what you need if you want to actually focus on getting your college homework done. A clean and organized dorm desk is possible, but only with an over desk bookshelf. This extra depth desk organizer shelf has a narrow size to fit on most dorm desks, but with extra height and depth to fit two cubby boxes for all your dorm studying essentials. With a clean and organized dorm room desk, staying productive in your dorm room is easy!

2: Bedside Organizer.
So this isn't really a dorm furniture item, but more of a dorm room accessory. Regardless, it is still undeniably a must-have addition to your dorm supplies list. You may have seen other cheap dorm bedside caddies that look like a little pocket holder for your phone and maybe some magazines. This wooden bedside caddy is spacious and designed to fit along your dorm bedframe with plenty of room for your phone, laptop, textbooks, and bulkier items that won't fit in traditional dorm caddies. Plus, three holes in the bottom can be used for easy bedside cable management, so you can charge your dorm electronics overnight without getting everything all tangled up.

3: Mini Fridge Dorm Station.
If you are planning on having a mini fridge in your dorm room, we really recommend adding some extra shelving around it to create a tiny kitchen setup. Your dorm fridge is already taking up some space in your dorm room, so why not take advantage of that space? This dorm mini fridge cabinet goes right over your dorm fridge, with a top shelf and two side shelves that can hold your other dorm eating accessories, microwave, coffee maker, and other college kitchen supplies. Add the optional top shelf portion for even more vertical storage to create a full dorm snack pantry! This popular dorm item is a top seller among college students who plan to do a lot of eating in their dorm room.

4: Underbed Cube Storage Organizer.
That's right–we have furniture that goes under your dorm bed. It may sound a little strange to make space saving dorm furniture for your underbed area, but this underused space can actually hold a lot of important dorm stuff! This cube dorm storage shelving allows for easy access under your dorm room bed. Add in some folding tote boxes and store your shoes underneath for a great looking dorm under the bed area that actually looks good instead of messy and cluttered! We recommend lofting or raising your dorm bed to take full advantage of this underbed storage shelving furniture.

5: Standard Dorm Table. Even if you technically have enough room next to your dorm bed for a small nightstand, it is probably best to choose one that is still on the small size. This compact nightstand can go beside your dorm bed and hold your dorm alarm clock, lamp, and a few textbooks. Plus, with a pull out drawer, you can have a little bit of private storage tucked away in your dorm room. This cheap bedside table is a must-have dorm furniture item if your college does not supply you with a night stand–just remember to check with your school first to see if this is a college furniture piece they provide!

6: Extra Tall Bookcase Table.
If your college DOES provide a dorm night stand but you plan on lofting your dorm bed or taking the top bunk, that short little college-supplied furniture bedside table is not going to do you much good. You'll need an extra tall nightstand to reach you all the way at the top of your bed frame! Thankfully, we know that a lot of college students opt for bunk beds or for a tall lofted dorm bed. That is why we made this extra tall bed side table for lofted dorm beds! It also includes a pull out drawer with two extra shelves so you can have plenty of storage for extra dorm room items. With all of your dorm storage furniture figured out, you can start focusing on finding cute dorm decor to make your dorm really feel like home!
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