Customize Your Dorm With Suprima® Carbon Steel Best Selling Dorm Furniture

College dorm rooms don't have much stuff, but they do come with a few basic necessities. Every dorm hall is different and you should definitely check with your university, but most dorm rooms at least include your bed frame, a mattress, a desk, and a small dresser or chest of drawers for clothes. That may sound like a lot of stuff on paper, and it certainly may fill up your small dorm room, but shortly after move-in day you will discover that you have maxed out the available storage space that comes included with your dorm room. That is why we recommend bringing along a few extra pieces of dorm room furniture to make sure you have enough room in your dorm for all your important dorm stuff. And if you're assembling dorm furniture yourself, or if you just don't want to carry a tool box around on move-in day, choosing college furniture that doesn't require tools to put together is smart. Thankfully, most of our Suprima® dorm room accessories use simple slip-sleeves and no tools to assemble, so even a college freshman can put them together alone. This dorm list highlights our top selling Suprima® college furniture supplies so you can pick out the dorm essentials you need to complete your move-in day checklist!

1: The Mini Shelf Supreme. This is, without a doubt, the most popular dorm item from Suprima®! Any college student with a mini fridge in their dorm room needs this over fridge shelving unit. With two adjustable shelves, this compact mini fridge shelf can accomodate most dorm fridges, with enough space for your dorm kitchen supplies in the middle and a microwave on top! You can also add wood shelf liners for extra stability, and 3- or 4-shelf add-ons for additional dorm shelving. These dorm steel shelves are also available in an Extra Height version with two extra shelves if you really want to maximize your vertical storage capacity in your small college dorm room!

2: The Shelf Supreme.
If your dorm room is slightly larger than average, or if you don't mind dorm shelving taking up half the wall, our full size Shelf Supreme is for you. With a large space to accomodate a mini-fridge, or a microwave-fridge combo, plus three small shelves on the side an a long shelf on top, this is the ultimate dorm shelving unit for college students who have a lot of dorm stuff. You can create a full dorm kitchen setup with this large dorm storage shelf, or use the side shelves to hold other dorm supplies like extra textbooks or dorm electronics. No matter how you use the iconic Shelf Supreme, it is sure to add tons of extra storage to your college dorm room!

3: The Over The Bed Shelf Supreme. For the smallest of the dorm rooms, you may think you have no options when it comes to extra shelving. Thankfully, that isn't 100% the case! You can actually take advantage of your over the bed space with the aptly-named Over The Bed Shelf Supreme. The two long storage shelves on top will provide you some more surfaces for bedside necessities like your dorm alarm clock, tissues, laptop, and more. Side accessories like a cup holder and bag hook also eliminate the need for a dorm nightstand.

4: Desktop Bookshelves.
If you have a small dorm desk, it can be difficult to actually get much work done. That is why our dorm experts recommend choosing a dorm hutch that fits on top of your dorm room desk for added desk storage space. Keeping your important notes and studying accessories close at hand is necessary for a successful dorm study sesh, and having a clean work surface will help you stay focused on college homework. This steel desk hutch also has a cool industrial look to it, making it a great option for guy's desk setups!

5: Underbed Storage. That's right, Suprima® doesn't just make dorm furniture pieces–it's about all levels of dorm room organization! Steel underbed dorm storage solutions like rolling shelves help you really maximize every inch of available space for storage in your dorm room, without creating more clutter. Specialized storage like an underbed shoe holder will also help you have a perfect place for everything in your dorm room, making it easy to keep your dorm clean and tidy. When you have a place for everything, you can really make your dorm feel like your home away from home!

6: Bed Risers.
We've already talked about the benefits of underbed dorm storage. If you agree with us that storing a lot of your less important items under your dorm bed is a smart way to save space in dorms, you'll need some Twin XL bed risers! These carbon steel furniture risers from Suprima® are ultra durable and way more sturdy than cheap plastic bed risers for college students. Plus, you may have noticed that they're SUPER TALL. You've probably never seen 23" bed risers before, but these stable bed risers are made with carbon steel for reliable support on dorm bed frames. To truly create the most effective dorm storage solutions, raise that dorm bed and tuck away your extra bedding, out of season clothes, old textbooks, and anything that you won't be using often for a perfectly put-together dorm setup!
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